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  1. To begin with, each person is unique. Yes, yes, everyone. There is no second person who will “see” reality the way you do. I'm talking about structure – perception, feeling, focus, etc.

    You are already unique, why become someone? You are already you, and this is not a tautology.

    Unique life path, unique memories, unique relationships, unique experiences. Isn't that enough for you?

    The current generation has one thing in common – the desire to stand out and be non-kacfse, which for me personally is direct proof that such people are more likely to seek approval than others.

    But the direct answer to the question is no way. You were, are, and will be unique, accept it.

  2. Forget about the opinions of others. Completely. Do, wear, listen,and watch only what is interesting and pleasant to YOU. Live to your heart's content so to speak. It's easier than it sounds.

  3. Why try to be unique? What's the point? Why try to stand out? Why can't you just live and do what you like, even if your hobbies are absolutely banal! Although perhaps this is the uniqueness of doing what you like!

  4. It is extremely easy to resist the mainstream and maintain your uniqueness.

    It is enough not to see the “mastrids” of books and “tops” of films in your eyes, but to choose books and films exclusively by your own standards. Look at their description, not the overall rating, see who is the director and who is the screenwriter of the film, and whether they had good work before by your standards, and not someone else's.

    No need to fall for word of mouth or any other advertising of places for recreation.
    Relax where you personally need the climate and temperature during the period when you chose to relax. Whether there are places you need to go, whether there are animals or plants that you would like to see with your own eyes.

    Buy only what you personally need for practical use, or for decoration.
    Not what the crowds eat/wear/use, succumbing to advertising and brands.

    Choose your occupation not by how others feel about it, but by how you personally feel about it. What are your personal preferences in certain activities and what would you like to get out of them?

    Develop creativity, wit, and a heuristic approach to things. Most people don't do this, and then get depressed because they are ordinary and live ordinary lives.

    Implement ideas that have not yet been implemented anywhere else.
    Only on one condition: the ideas must be adequate and their implementation must be carefully considered.
    And this has its own uniqueness. Because many projects fail due to inadequacy and thoughtlessness.

    So you will be quite unique.

    But there is an important caveat: in the same way, you will encounter misunderstandings from other people. There is even a possibility that there will be not just misunderstanding, but rejection. It is possible that the rejection may be aggressive.
    This is the price of uniqueness.

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