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  1. I think the problem here is again the ego. At the center of our world is the perception of our own Self. We are used to seeing ourselves as the main character, so we often overestimate the degree to which others ' behavior is aimed at us. We are afraid of aggression in our direction, expect it, think about it, and others do not care, they in most cases do not notice us, since we are all dominant persons in our worlds.

    How to stop being afraid of aggression from others? Stop thinking about yourself all the time and your importance to others. Engage in your own goals and activities, develop self-sufficiency. When there is something to think about, there are things that need attention, questions – solutions, it becomes not up to the opinion of other people, the fear passes by itself, because it is not up to it. Be more positive about life. Well, there is also an option to be like martial arts, as tempering of character, spirit, self-confidence( if the questioner is a guy).

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