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  1. The most effective (but not the easiest) way is to disidentify with your own body. It dies, and you are something else, which rushes somewhere further depending on the merits. Whether it's hell, heaven, or another birth – the options vary depending on the beliefs. Your hands, your feet, your brain, your butt – it will all be dust. There's nothing you can do about it. But what you really are is not in danger.�

    In general, any fear comes from ignorance. Study this question. Take care of it, make it clear to yourself. Choose one of the existing answers, or invent your own-the main thing is that you know what will happen to you after the body dies. Even if you accept the option of non-existence, this will also be the answer. After clearing up, just prepare for the inevitable. If there is a void – well. Life is a flash. What difference does it make if it lasts 20 years or 200? On the scale of eternity, both tend to zero…

  2. I think a Mark Twain quote would be perfect here:“I'm not afraid of death. I was dead for millions and billions of years before I was born, and I didn't feel the slightest bit uncomfortable about it.”

  3. Death exists for the body, the essence (soul ) immortal.Each new incarnation of the essence raises it up the steps, to the top of its evolutionary development.That's the way the world works.You just cling to this body,to this life…Probably, your soul is at the beginning of its evolutionary development and it does not have enough experience of reincarnation.So a person,without seeing the prospects of the future, lives according to the principle ” better a tit in the hand than a crane in the sky.”…

  4. As a rule, people who have looked her in the eye are not afraid of death. They themselves do not know what they “saw”, but then they begin to live to the fullest and the fear of death disappears. I understand that this is not what you want, but for me it is the only proven way.

  5. Think about this: if I die, why don't I fuck my life and get the most out of it. And then, at the end of life, you will understand that you did everything and it was not in vain, then death will seem logical and desirable to you. And think less about it, do more.

  6. First of all, realizing its inevitability, as I see it. Some Buddhist monks, when they meditate, imagine their death literally, physically – they imagine how they decompose. And they are calmer about life and death.

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