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  1. Like any fear, dislike of people contains specific reasons. They are of two types-instinctive as the fear of a loud voice or a group of gopniks, or logical-when we think of the reason ourselves. Look for the causes and eliminate them. Ask yourself the following questions :” What exactly am I afraid of right now?” and look for answers in yourself and your past. This process may not be fast.

    Practice contact martial arts, just remember about safety, take care of your joints. This will reduce the fear of contact. In general, any pleasant physical activity relaxes the brain well, for example, a swimming pool or nature walks. Do not bring to severe fatigue, feel your norm.

    Start small, communicate online, via Skype, and ask sellers for advice. Look for interesting people, don't waste time on those who are unpleasant to you.�

    Become a professional in your field and people will ask you for advice.

    In general, we need to remember that our life is finite and in the end we are waiting for nothing but a hole and a wooden macintosh. That's all, nothing else. All our fears, values, desires, and efforts will turn to dust. Therefore, you need to remember every time you make a decision – do I want to spend my life on this? And so filter everything that you don't want to see nearby, including people and their opinions.

  2. A man came to ask for help, and you told him about a wooden macintosh, and even in all seriousness.

    It's all a lie. And in order not to be shy, you need to understand what you want from people. There is such a principle: “as you tell me, so I tell you.” Do you want kindness? Be kind. If you want a smile, smile. If you want people to look at you kindly, dress decently, wash your socks, and get a haircut. In general, you can't do anything in the format of a single response. We need to at least talk about the topic. Many people, not excluding me, have gone through it, albeit in a simpler form. But few people admit that they are still in this pit =) yes, yes, people are learning to hide. Over time)

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