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  1. This is a kind of “professional reformation” of the present time. Many of us spend quite a lot of time on social networks, which leads to certain problems. One of them is the one you described in your question. What should I do about it? You don't have many options:

    Don't pay attention. If the guy is an active user of social networks, then likes and subscriptions are the norm. These are the statutes of this virtual space. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as he does not show excessive interest in certain people, does not start hiding something from you.

    Tell the guy straight out that you don't like it. But before you do this, you need to think about what exactly is caused by jealousy? Do you not value yourself that much? Do you think that a guy will go to the first girl he meets who has put a like on the Internet or subscribed to? Here you already need to work with your own consciousness. But still, telling the guy that you are jealous will not be superfluous – perhaps he will understand your feelings.

    There's nothing wrong with likes and subscriptions, as long as they don't translate into something bigger. Try not to limit the freedom of your boyfriend, but you should not forget about your feelings either. Try joining them as they scroll through social networks, and you'll see that there's nothing wrong with that.

  2. Well, huskies are not kisses and not sex, to be honest, I don't understand why to worry here. This is not even a correspondence with hints…

    As it was written below, jealousy is fear. And not only him, but also self-doubt. I was pretty jealous in my day, too. But at some point, I realized that there was no benefit in doing so. If a person wants to leave , they will leave. And if he doesn't want to, then jealousy can sway him so much that he may well want to. If it's not your man, then at least hold it with your teeth – it won't do any good. Just spend a lot of time and nerves in vain

  3. Well, you are jealous, check who he liked there, who he subscribed to. Why is it so weak? Let's take the next step, move the cameras in the apartment, listen to his phone conversations. There it will turn out that he is honest with you and you will be able to take the next step fasten handcuffs to him and follow him everywhere. But it will also turn out that he is loyal to you and what's next? Your life will not improve from this. Jealousy is generally quite a useless feeling. He may have different reasons to be and it is necessary in fact to deal with them, when the reason to correct this feeling itself will come to naught.

    Think about this: what happens if you can't control your partner? What will it do? Rush all who likes ponastavil in pastel drag? Will he start communicating with them instead of you? Not really. And why? Maybe because he respects you and probably loves you? Give a person the opportunity to be a person, not a child who is being watched, and they will give you a lot in return.

  4. Jealousy is a claim to property. In order to get rid of this feeling, you need to accept that your boyfriend does not belong to you. It sounds simple in words, but in fact it's not.

    Describe in the comments section how he should behave so that you don't get jealous of him.

  5. I do not advise you to discuss other girls because this will cause more pain and problems than “likes” and as a result of mental problems, I also do not advise you to lie and pretend in the global sense of the word,in a relationship if you want to stay harmonious in the future.
    It will be very difficult to change this and will only work if you really really want to,for example, a psychologist or a wise adult friend can help.And you can not fight it,just accept it as a pity and you will see with time and experience it will worry you less and less, provided of course that you will develop

  6. Build him a sufficient harem. Then you will know exactly what / who is more logical to be jealous of him. Of course, over time, he can change the “eldest in the harem”…

  7. Jealousy is fear and distrust. Fear cannot be avoided, but you can try not to show this weakness of yours, so as not to allow your partner to make a strong move. Flirting is the art of attracting and repelling, like a good dance. You can not sit on the neck, or let go of the leash too much. If you really need this particular guy, then it's trickier to pretend that you share all his interests, discuss the charms of other girls with him, etc. And who said that the relationship between a man and a woman is simple and always frank?

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