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  1. Laziness can occur from very different causes. It may indicate that the task you are doing is of little use or meaningless. It may indicate a lack of interest in your activity. It may indicate that you are overworked or stressed and suggest that you need rest. There can be many reasons. You are a living person, and you do not have to want to constantly act and “work”. Especially if you have a roof over your head and don't go hungry.

    If you are very concerned about the cause or extent of your laziness, this is a reason to think about whether you need what you have to do, whether you are interested in your job, or whether it is time to change it to something else, more meaningful or just more interesting. Think about your goals and interests.

  2. You should not fight laziness, but try to find yourself.

    If you do something that you are not interested in (important, valuable), then you will not get rid of laziness in any way. You can't fool yourself.

  3. There is only one real way to completely stop being lazy – this is to get stupid and get into the robot state. You can get numb from constant stress, especially fear or guilt. You need to constantly remind yourself about guilt and fear. This dullness will completely disable critical thinking and the brain's ability to find alternative ways to solve the problem. In this case, each problem will have only one solution: the first one that comes to mind, and it will be useless to wait for the world to find an easier way. An issue appeared? Do it now! And no laziness. And there are people who do. And among them there are those who do it unconsciously.

    If this option does not suit you, then it is useful to show respect for laziness. Ask yourself why this laziness has arisen. If there were a rational basis for this resistance, what would it be?

    My laziness tells me not to do things that I don't believe will work, or the side effects of which can be much more costly than the direct benefits of doing them. My laziness tells me that there are more important and useful things to do than the one that got stuck in my head and turned off my critical thinking. And my laziness disappears just at the moment when the answer to the question “What else is important to consider before implementing your idea?” sounds like “There's nothing more, I'm ready!”.

    You can read about the causes of laziness and factors that increase it here: smogendrr.ru

  4. No way. Continue to be lazy, this is very convenient for all those who can then make money on you. There is no problem that you are lazy, except that someone taught you that this is a problem and you urgently need to “steam up”about it.

    Relax and eat your doshirak.

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