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  1. From personal experience, I can say that everything passes (and comes) with age. What I was shy about at school, I'm not shy anymore. maybe in 5 years I will stop being shy about what I am shy about now. this note of indifference grows stronger in each of us over time and makes itself felt. Everything will be fine)

  2. Paradoxically, you just need to start communicating with them. The more practice you have behind your back, the easier it will be. Meet at least on the Internet, if life is difficult. Meet people you haven't seen before. Try to talk about something in stores or queues. Train your public speaking skills – this is also closely related to shyness.
    Get a part-time job where you need to talk or actively sell something to people 🙂
    Another option is to attend a training session or work as a specialist.
    I was able to overcome this to some extent at the time, but now it's much easier for me.

  3. You need to love yourself, learn your strengths, and show them in public. Shyness is normal (of course, when in moderation).Try to train gradually, each time you fight yourself, overcome the fear of communication. Imagine that you have to communicate or perform in front of close people whom you absolutely trust.
    Good luck to you!

  4. How to stop being shy?It is necessary to remember more often that “you are brave”…And try to prove it to yourself at the earliest opportunity.Communicate more with those you're shy about.This is a character trait of very well-mannered people, and it is difficult to fight it, you just need to learn to live with it. Feel free to use it!There are very few people like you in our time…And who said that

    is it that bad?

  5. Perhaps, like me, you are afraid that you will not be accepted by others .you just need to realize that left-wing people can't really change your life . you are free to communicate with those who are interesting to you. Therefore, try to get together with people from pragmatic motives ,that is, to learn something . The degree of importance will decrease and everything will become easier

  6. Do what you're afraid of. For example, you are too shy to go to a restaurant, so you just went without hesitation, alone. Come up with quests for yourself, make a list and go to complete them.

  7. In some cases, it can help to slurp alcohol or take tranquilizers (in a moderate dose, of course). It won't do if it's going to be something like a business meeting.

    • Don't imagine that other people's standards are higher than your own. In the absence of other information, you extrapolate your excessive demands on yourself to everyone around you. – Take a chance, get to know the person, and perhaps find that their expectations are much easier than you think.
  8. It depends on what you are shy about and what you want to achieve.

    When you have decided on this, build an individual approach: be clearly aware and say to yourself, for example, that there is nothing embarrassing in the situation, that people do not look askance at you, that you do not look funny, and so on. Slowly, little by little, with help, but take on what you are shy about. Do not rush, increase the “load” gradually, constantly consolidate the experience.

    Soon it will become a habit and you will find that you have changed your attitude to it.

    Good luck!

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