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  1. Oh, well, first of all, you should learn in practice that the opposite sex in fact differs little from yourself.
    These are the same people who sleep, eat, have sex, worry, listen to music, and so on.
    Men are almost exactly the same as women, just because of certain rules of behavior, we express our thoughts and emotions differently, more closed.
    BUT in general, the range of emotions is almost the same.

    In general, ideally, you just need to make friends with a few people.
    and you will understand that we are all human beings.

    and then there will be nothing to be shy about)

  2. Sorry for the banality.
    Start communicating with people of the opposite sex.
    Shyness is certainly quite attractive to some people, but I don't think that if you continue like this, you will be able to achieve anything even with those people who are interested in this trait of yours.
    This is both good and not good. It is natural for many people to be shy, just someone is less shy or not in front of everyone. Well, shyness can be understood as a weakness and try to use you for some purpose.
    Try to overcome it on subjects where your embarrassment is lower.
    Gradually raise the bar.
    I believe that a ” bad “experience teaches you more than a “good” one, so you will only benefit by developing yourself.

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