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  1. Here it is important to understand that reading a pile of smart books will not help in any way, and it can also have the opposite effect-it will push you away from development after such violence to the mind. This, of course, does not mean that it is not worth reading. You just don't need to read motivational nonsense like “how to make yourself a king” – it doesn't work.
    Connect with people who are interested in you if you need someone else's rating.
    Although it is best to develop yourself by doing something interesting. At least by folding houses out of matches, etc.
    What is important here is not the usefulness of this task for others, but the satisfaction of completing the task, so try to finish the task to the end, do not give it up halfway.

  2. It seems like an obvious answer – you need to develop yourself. Identify the areas where you would like to gain knowledge and study for fun.�

    The main thing is not to compare yourself with someone else. Compare yourself to yesterday's self. It's important to make progress in your team, not in general. It's impossible to know everything anyway.�

    Look for something that will be interesting to you and develop.

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