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  1. At a time when you feel very bad from a large amount of alcohol or other harmful “substances”, imagine that you are “letting go” and that everything is about to clear up in your head. In doing so, you are deceiving your brain, which is trying to drive you to unconsciousness with its wrong stream of thoughts that create a lot of nerves.

  2. You're setting yourself up for treason. Just relax, get distracted by some other things and make it clear to yourself that you just smoked herbs, nothing terrible can happen, that you are safe, etc. As if to make sure of all these factors, and then try to focus on some activity, whether it's listening to music, playing games, walking, in general, what you do after you smoke and enjoy it.

    If you can't control yourself at all, then there are several options, or when you smoke, then take a smaller dose, let's say instead of 4 wet ones – 2. If there is no option to move out, then grab something sweet (just don't overdo it, otherwise you can eat everything at once), let's say half a chocolate bar or drink sweet. When you eat or drink sweets, it lets you go a little, but if you eat the fuck up, it will let you go much faster and you won't have time to enjoy it enough )

    And most importantly, know what you smoke/eat/sniff (please underline). Because there is an option to stumble upon chemical shit, from which you can catch an overdose. And you do not need a hemorrhoid with an ambulance and later with garbage ? ) Not to mention the saddest part.

    In general, use in moderation and not borscht.

  3. Grab your pen and write it down.�

    If you've had a smoke, relax. Imagine that you are smoking in a crowd of your friends and acquaintances. There's a hum in your ears, nausea, stomach churning, and you don't understand yourself? Grab some lemon tea, plenty of lemon, and fuck around with that glass in your privacy. Sat down, gulls sipping sweet, babble. In most cases, when people start to worry about their health after the grass, this is a banal cheat on themselves. Like jitters, for what people think about you and other social shit. Put your dick down, everyone doesn't give a fuck what you're saying, most of them probably don't listen to you at all, but somewhere in the depths of their own consciousness. The old scheme of the ancient planokurs and rastas is not to hide the parish and cut into the draft. In other words, the more you chase for your appearance, the dumber you look.�

    As for psychedelic, the recipe is the same, in solitude and lemon stick. If it's really a disaster and a trip gets under the skin with needles and ants running around there, you take a battle of vodka or other alcohol and try to kill it all with alcohol intoxication. The recipe is so-so to be honest, it happens that you can't even take a sip. So it's always easier to relax and think about the good things. And it's better not to eat something like that at all, if you don't know what it is. A great recipe for getting away from psychedelic is the same herb. It really works, plus you can pull out a couple of brilliant thoughts / ideas.

    Stimulants. What the fuck are you doing with this shit? Now grate your teeth like a fool and run around with your pawns. All right, take the grass and blow. It will get better.

    This text is not intended for residents of the Russian Federation. Glory to Putin. Glory to Kadyrov. There is a God. There are no drugs. Crimea is ours.

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