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  1. Great question. I am a negotiation coach, and the ability to “forget about opinions” and operate with facts is the main rule of negotiations.

    To be honest, learning to ignore the opinions of others is incredibly difficult. Related to the social component: all over the world, the opinion of others is the main criterion for evaluating a person, INCLUDING FOR HIMSELF.

    “What people say about me” is almost always more important to us than “what actually is.”

    In order to ignore the opinions of others:

    Do not hesitate to ask questions to others in response to their opinions

    “What exactly do you want to say with your comment?”

    “Where did you get this information? “

    “Why did you say that?”

    “What do I need this information for?”

    It is rare that the “evaluator” will be able to answer such a question with something removed – and you level out his comment or assessment, beating it off from yourself.

    Don't hesitate to ask questions to yourself:

    “Why did he say that” (to make himself seem better/smarter)

    “Does it have a real basis” (no-you forgot, yes-you ask clarifying questions -from where, why, what is it based on, until you understand exactly what it is about)

    Develop peace of mind


    sports activities in private (jogging in nature, walking)


    A calm person does not explode with emotions (and this is always the goal of manipulators, appraisers with their own opinion about you)

    Translate the “Opinions of others” into a rational plane:

    “What exactly do you suggest?”

    “What is your plan of action?”

    If the critic is empty , he will run away. And there is a chance that the person will help you in implementing a specific task that they have criticized.

    And a few rules if you find yourself in this situation:

    1. Tell yourself, ” I don't have time for this.”

    How can you achieve success if you are too preoccupied with other people's views and opinions? You have no right to waste your precious time on such nonsense. Focus on your goals, not on thinking through the thoughts of others.

    1. There will always be dissatisfied people

    Successful people don't care what others think of them.

    Why? Because there will always be dissatisfied people, and in order to achieve something, you sometimes have to cross someone's path.

    Moreover, if you are not criticized and there is no resistance , you are doing something wrong. Whether you do what you want to do or not, you will always be bad for someone. So why deny yourself then?

    1. Criticizes the one who does nothing

    Criticism, voicing your negative opinion is a trait of negative people who do not achieve something themselves, but spend time improving their self-esteem at the expense of others. Such people are useless and uninteresting.


    I hope the answer is clear and worthy of a like ))

    If you need more details, please write in the comments!

  2. By personal right, you have the right to do what you want. And others have the right to react to it as they want. Build in this belief and live happily ever after.

  3. One important word: priority. If strangers are a priority for you, you dedicate your life to them. Every time you want to please someone, say to yourself: I dedicate my life to you. If there's nothing skittering inside, does it mean the person is worth it, or do you need to work with a psychologist, and not the answers of bored commenters

  4. And why do you need to depend on someone else's opinion?

    In life, everything is quite simple: to stop doing something, you just need not to do it. To stop running, you need to stop. But if you run, it means that it makes some sense for you.

    Helpfulness is running after people. It seems that if we are always good to others, they will be just as good to us and just be with us.

    But depending on someone else's opinion is often a flight from responsibility. We're not used to making our own decisions; it doesn't seem like a good thing, but there's always someone to blame for our failures.

    Understand that in reality, there is only you in life, and only you are responsible for what happens to you.

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