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  1. If without a therapist, then work independently on yourself. Then a lot of specific questions pop up: How to work? How do I set the right goals? How do I monitor their progress? and so on.

    I won't attempt to describe it in a nutshell, but in fact, a large number of people have solved your problem and are solving it right now on their own. They write progress reports on the forum and share their experience.

    Try it on yourself, maybe this method will suit you:�http://distantnik.com/lightblue.html

  2. Age is not important here. And at the age of 37, it is just as difficult to do this as at 27. Whether it is possible to do without the help of a psychologist is an open question. It depends on each specific case. In Russia, there is a common misconception that with any depression and in general “sore” in the head can be dealt with independently. This is not always the case.

    If a person has something wrong with their self-esteem (and this is where the roots of this problem come from: worrying about the opinions of others) here you need to understand where and when something went wrong. Maybe he wrote poetry at school and was laughed at. Or he wanted to become a dancer, and they sent him to hockey, and he couldn't do anything there.

    If you don't have the money and time to go to a psychoanalyst, I would suggest doing creative work. Not necessarily publicly. You can do it for yourself. For example, take a sketchbook and go to draw something. Or write short stories and poems. Or sculpt. Or something else. You need to find something that will give you genuine pleasure.

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