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  1. The answer is, in general, gender universal. I mean, it doesn't matter what gender you are.

    The answer is as follows. The verb you use means ” to make a show of your real or perceived compliance with social standards and your claims to move up the social ladder.”�

    Most people hardly have enough energy even for the process of moving up the social ladder itself, so you either have to move or not..sign up. If you have enough energy for both (which is unlikely), then why not try again…sign up?�

    But most likely you are..you are working precisely at the expense of the energy that would be better spent in business. Being aware of the fact that your life's fuel is spent on the radio, and not on driving on the road-the key to making the right conclusions.

  2. Great title! Balm on the heart! Unfortunately, this is true: they believe that fucking is what it means to live. Unfortunately, this will not change and we will always have to look at this wild zoo around with jumps, screeching, antics, curses, screams, claims, rudeness and wild noise. It's just that they subconsciously sort us out in terms of mate fitness. Freaked out, left-so it doesn't fit. And their stupidity lies in the fact that they apply this crap automatically to both children and the elderly, and so on, without realizing that in many cases it is not worth using. Instinct! Their moronic way of sorting!)

  3. If you're a woman, then no way. If you're a girl, you just take it and don't get fucked. It's not that hard.�

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