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  1. First, you need to understand why you hate her. What exactly do you dislike about yourself, your environment, and your own lifestyle? Surely there are some reasons that cause you to have such an attitude.

    Self-pity is a very destructive feeling. Yes, sometimes you can afford to get hurt, there's nothing wrong with that. But do not revel in negative emotions. Understand that you have one life, and it only moves in one direction. Time is running out, and you still have so much to do.

    You need to pull yourself together right now. Find the motivation to move forward. Anyone can do this. You don't need the help of a professional psychologist to do this. All you need to do is talk openly with yourself. If you want, you can put your thoughts on paper. Write down everything you think and read it several times. And then tear or burn this leaf and start all over again.

    Think about what you would like to do. Surely there is a case that makes you tremble in your soul. Develop in this direction. You are a person, and you don't need anyone to improve yourself. Learn something new, read, watch interesting movies, and meet new people. Step out of your comfort zone and believe in yourself.

  2. I guess if you hate life, it's mutual. Probably, there were far fewer good, pleasant, and joyful events in your life than there were bad ones that brought pain and suffering. The more a person is beaten by his life, the harder it is for him to love it. At some point, it can even turn into depression.

    But, what is very important, the very statement of the question suggests that somewhere inside you there is still your love for life, although it is littered with a mountain of troubles, and this love wants to become stronger and break out, no matter what. It's important to give her a helping hand.

    First, stop scolding yourself (if you do) for all the bad things that have happened to you, including not loving life enough. This can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky.

    The next important step is to share your pain with someone important to you. We are taught to be strong, to cope with everything on our own and not to whine, but this approach to life most often leads to a state where it becomes difficult to love life. Allow yourself to complain to someone. For a start, at least to yourself, and then to someone else. For many people, this is the most difficult and sometimes desperate step. A person is sometimes ready to die, just to avoid showing himself weak. It is important to learn how to create an environment where this is possible.

    An important stage in the process of finding love for life is grieving that everything turned out this way, and not otherwise. Often, we refuse to acknowledge the bad things that have happened to us. And this slows us down, because we get stuck in the past and can't be in the present and move into the future. Grieving is a long and arduous process, but it is definitely finite. It is important to enlist the support of people close to you.

    If you start doing all this, then the dirty glass through which you are used to looking at life will be cleared a little. And this will be a good start. Next, it is important to learn how to create good things for yourself in life: a good environment, good events, good people. This is difficult, and there may be setbacks along the way.Unfortunately, there is no place without them. But sooner or later, the work will pay for itself with interest. I assure you!

  3. And let's imagine an ideal situation: Your desire is realized, you have stopped hating life. What do you do next? After all, this is probably a significant topic for you, and it should occupy a considerable place in your life. And all of a sudden, this very life-hating attitude disappeared. There's still some free space left. How will it be filled in?

    I'm not being clever. Hate is the strongest emotion. And you seem to have been living with her for a long time. So, you need strong emotions (in this case, even with a minus sign). And it may very well be that this is the key to the problem. Will you be able to find something inside or outside that gives you the same powerful experiences? It doesn't really matter what it will be, people have already offered a lot here: creativity, hobbies, relationships, sports, charitable deeds – something that will take a lot of effort and give a lot of emotions in return?

    One of the authors wrote about psychotherapy. Also a good thing, but in this case it makes sense to think about the request.”How to stop hating” and want – what?

  4. Such a short question, but with a strong energy and requiring a complete answer. The energy of hate is also energy and strong. Think, feel, is it worth spending this energy to maintain this feeling of hatred?! If this energy is spent in a different vector, in the search for the opposite, in observing the other side of life. It is different, there is not only black or white. Searching and observing helps you stop hating living things. Living things around can be warm and soft, pleasant and kind, affectionate and beautiful…

  5. Good question. You may think that you have enough reasons to feel this way, and you may even be right, but listen-what will you achieve this way?

    If you are not doing well and you are suffering, then hatred only increases the amount of suffering, because you think that revenge on this world for the way it works is the best way out. But it isn't, and it never was.

    When trouble happens to you or someone does you outright harm – well, that's bad, there's a problem. And then you have a choice : either you pull yourself together and deal courageously with what has already gone wrong and don't make it worse, or you are going to take revenge on this world in an angry manner for what has happened, and then the evil becomes greater, because you become its new source. You have been turned against the world, and now you are creating problems yourself to show your pain – this is not good.

    Even people with serious illnesses with no chance of recovery don't feel so bad when they stop blaming everything around them, take the hit, and try to live their lives in a way that makes sense. It's an adult way of living.

  6. I saw this question when there were already 57 answers under it. Still, I have something to say.

    Unfortunately, in most cases, we don't hate life and don't want to part with it – we hate THE TORMENT that this life gives us. We don't want to lose our lives, but this NIGHTMARE that we live in. What is it?

    Most often, this is depression. And it can not be cured only by talking, autosuggestion and other methods. I will never tire of advising people who fall into this nightmare to consult a psychiatrist. Do not neglect this – it can help a lot

    I will be glad if my advice is never useful to anyone – if everyone loves life and enjoys every day.

  7. Cool question, and a throbbing pain at the same time . How do you deal with it, and even write about it , and this shows a great desire for life. Please find someone who will share this state with you. There are different ways to hate life . I thank you for the honesty of your emotions , a lot of people live in this state and never admit it. Of course, I will say corny that you need to work hard on yourself and your life so that love is mutual , with your life.

  8. And do you have something to compare life with in order to have any feelings about it? There is no reason to think that you could be anything else, or live the life of someone else, you do not have. Life is a given. Having feelings for her as such is pointless.

    If you mean, instead of the youth pose a la Lermontov, such feelings that are not determined by the mind in any way, then the matter is organic, and you need to go to a doctor, to a psychotherapist.

  9. Frustration with life comes from too high expectations. From life, society, and people. And the lingering centropupism, the belief that someone owes you something – nature, society, people, friends, relatives.

    Very often this is an old childhood. A person could not understand and reconcile that no one owes him anything in this world just because he was born.

    It is only the parents who owe something, and then only up to a certain age.

    And then-you need to become an adult . And be responsible for yourself. And if no one likes you, doesn't interest you, doesn't need you, then it's about you, not the unfairness of the world. Learn that in communication, the first skill is to give, not to take. Throw away the dreams of ease, especially freebies, understand that pokes and bummers are the most common and normal phenomenon. Life is what it is. And it won't bend under you. And complaining about it is pointless and useless. Manage to become an interesting and unclaimed person in such a life. And not whine that they don't want to love you and kiss you “just the way I am.”

  10. See who you might feel envious of in your environment, but are afraid to show it? Just fantasize.

    If your hatred for someone does not find a way out, then this feeling turns on yourself, on your life.

    Often, the childhood of such people is associated with a ban on the expression of aggression. As a result, there is a habit of not talking about cd. anger and hatred, and ignore these pmsvtva. But they are good at appearing kind and unkind. As a result, their consciousness will cease to feel not only anger and hatred, but also other emotions. And if we hate someone, we will always find 1001 reasons why we hate them.

    Correction of such behavior is carried out by experienced psychologists and psychotherapists.

    On your own, you can only distract yourself for a while, learn how to anosthetize it (alcohol, drugs, workaholism, love addiction, risk aversion, etc.)

  11. it is necessary to understand that not everything is so bad, that someone needs you and quit bad habits on my page a very useful tip has already been written, I am not a psychologist I am just a novice philosopher I am not afraid to express my point of view do not be afraid of anything, do not hate life you will have time to enjoy death in old age, and

  12. Any path to love, harmony, balance (what exactly responds to you), lies through awareness.

    Realize why I hate life. What is happening or has been happening in her that I hate her for? Based on the answers, look for a solution. What do I want instead of hate? How can I achieve this? What abilities, skills, and resources do I need to do this?

    Most often, such thoughts occur after serious injuries, shocks. Death of loved ones, physical or moral violence. If any of these things happen to you, it is best to consult a psychologist. It is very difficult to get out of this situation on your own. You can at least start reading something about psychology.

  13. Timofey B. is right. that disillusionment in life appears after the failure to fulfill inflated expectations. In our time, ambition and setting the bar of life on the record is encouraged and encouraged. Only a few people jump over these bars. Middle-aged people are not particularly taught to use their abilities correctly either in the family or in educational institutions. Untalented, average-minded, that is, the vast majority receive derogatory names and rejection from society. Young people either do not want to be in the middle classes and break their destinies jumping anywhere, or they are sadly resigned and do nothing. And on the average, the world keeps!

  14. Feelings are a manifestation of your inner state. But at the same time, you decide whether to be angry or not, offended or not, happy or not. And you try to live as you want it, and not as it is expected of you by others!!! my tik-tok is @mir-ot-veta … come in and see.”

  15. Here it is important to understand the cause of old age.

    If the reason is within your area of influence and you can influence it all , do it. If it's outside, change your attitude to it. There are circumstances that are beyond anyone's power or competence. To reconcile, to forgive, to let go – only this can help in such a situation. Otherwise, life can turn into a process of non-stop self-instillation.

  16. No way. Hatred (as well as any other feeling) cannot be “stopped”. We experience feelings in dynamics, some are replaced by others, and only death can “stop”, in the sense of stopping them. We are free to give them color (to some extent). And in general, you have the right line of thought. When life is colored in dark colors (heavy feelings, such as hatred), it is quite natural that for balance you want to add some light shades. But the question is not how to stop hating life, but how to learn to love it. I can hardly be mistaken if I say that for this, life must meet our expectations. And as long as this is the case, we love it, and from the moment when something starts to go “wrong” we start to hate it. So first, you need to understand this point.
    Then it's a matter of technique. We quietly change what we can change, and quietly accept what we can't change. Along the way, we get smart enough to distinguish one from the other.
    Well, you, right here and now, need to look for the good that is in your life, and pay more attention to it. And then tomorrow, the hatred will be a little less.

  17. Hello! In your condition, it's hard to think, isn't it? It seems that thousands of thoughts are attacking you. You feel very bad inside you. This is not surprising. We are not taught to control such a complex machine as a human, and at such moments the “machine” can fail and no one will help.

    To begin with, you probably have an aggressive environment. But I may be wrong. No one knows if you were born with these deviations from the norm. You have a difficult situation, and above all, you are very much tormented by this state and by feelings of hatred.

    If you were to ask me how to do this, my answer is this. you need to decide first of all with this:

    1. Are you ready to give up the lifestyle that you currently lead?

    2. Are you able to believe that there is another reality and life is happy and with good feelings inside?

    3. Are you ready to repent that you allowed so many negative thoughts and feelings into yourself and fell very much in vibration?

    4. Are you now ready to spend years learning how to live a different life and develop spiritually?

    5. Do you agree that your soul consists of love and light and that after repentance you will be a deeply religious person (not religious)?

    6 Are you ready to accept that striving to love yourself, the world, and shine is spiritual growth and love of life?

    If you read this and realized that your path is different, then I don't have an answer to your question.

  18. Start Loving her. Peace, life-harmony. Only our personality, formed in the family, closes us from harmony. Reconsider your relationship with your dad, mom, and yourself.

  19. You just need to understand that in this life, the boomerang Principle has not been canceled. Everything is returned to you with the trinity and love and hate. To love life, you must first learn to love yourself and the people around you. Do with them as you would like people to do with you. And life will start to improve and bring pleasant surprises. In this way, you will overcome your hatred with love. Good luck!

  20. The main thing is to want to hate this “feeling of hatred”.

    If you can understand what this means, you're already halfway there.

    You need to realize that the feeling of hatred inevitably destroys life and leads to suffering, and after them-to the suppression of your body and the hormonal system, which in turn leads to very serious illnesses, apathy, impotence, decreased immunity and then …

    There is a study by psychologists about a frog in a pot of water on fire:

    If a frog is thrown into hot water, it will reflexively jump out of the hot water, but if it is thrown into cold water and slowly heated, it will endure until it is cooked.”

    As soon as you are afraid of such a result and study the experience of all the people who have entered the road “I hate life (and all people, and myself)” and you will have the motivation to change something in your ideals, then you can move on to the second stage.

    A lot of things have been written about this, including useful ones.

  21. Remember something small that you loved in life or love. Maybe as a child. Register it. Focus on this love (it has no size or age) and find a person, people who love life, force yourself to communicate with them, adopt it.

    This is the beginning!

    Then build the life that you want, that you dream of.

    PS It is also important to forgive yourself, stop hating yourself for what they called mistakes and failures.

  22. Love her. The extreme is replaced by the extreme. Most often, a person hates life because he is lost in it, or has some kind of neurosis, or even depression. It also happens that a person who has fallen into pleasure and pleasure is fed up or disappointed. Other diseases that make life unbearable. In fact, this hatred is not for life in general, but for the quality of one's life. You can get lost in life in different ways: all sorts of false doctrines, philosophy, teachings form the foundation, the basis of a person. And all vital activity passes through these filters. When Christ came to earth, He said that He is the truth, the way, and the life. If one follows and lives the fullness of the gospel, one will not be disappointed in life, but will receive it as a precious gift.

  23. Three points:

    1. Find something interesting in it purely for yourself, without looking at others.

    2. Do not believe psychologists, priests and various coaches.

    3. Do not look at the achievements of the “son/daughter of my mother's friend”.

  24. “Who taught you that?” Taught me to see everything bad, not to see anything good, and if something appears, then immediately devalue it?

    Who behaved like this in your family?

    And understand that you just copied the behavior scheme. Unconsciously.

    And with the help of psychology to develop YOUR attitude to life

  25. Accept it. Accept along with all the good and bad. Understand that there is little you can control in life, but you should still strive to make your life better. After all, despite all the bad things that are in it, it is worth living for the sake of the good that it can provide.

  26. Life is one of the few resources that is given for nothing.

    Life is finite, but its duration depends on how a person feels about their health and the quality of meeting their needs.

    An integral part of human life is the mind. This is not a given, but a mechanism that requires development and improvement. This is a virtual organ that needs to be nurtured.

    Emotions that lead to despondency, pride, and envy are imposed from outside to manipulate the human mind.

  27. Life is hated if there was a negative experience.

    Parents, second half or for health reasons and many other reasons.

    These are the reasons and you need to work with them.

    The past should generally remain a flashback.
    If your parents behaved to you in a way that you didn't want them to, don't carry it with you.

    To make room for new emotions and new experiences, just leave everything in the past.

    Start living a new life.

    Find a job work is good heals as time flies by.

    Start running if you have the opportunity to do so.

  28. This question speaks of complete chaos in thoughts, and in the personality itself.It would be more correct to say that this person did not manage to become a person.When there is no foundation for development,then only advice, there will be no results.

  29. just live. Love, if not yourself, then the cat, flowers, fried potatoes, grapes, coffee, sunny day, not sunny. It won't happen again. , he's the only one.. And you are one of a kind..

    Try to be happy at least for today. And so on, one step at a time every day.

  30. If you look at life differently. For example, as a valuable gift from God, and the opportunity to make friends with him. Find meaning and live with hope for the future.

  31. It's just worth understanding that it's pointless. And know that it can always be even worse than it is. It's like you're fighting your own reflection in the water. And you don't cause any damage to it, and you're wasting your energy. You need to gradually shift your focus to what you like. Over time, this will become a habit and your health will improve. Start simply living in a high. At least try it.

  32. Tips won't help you here. You must find the answers to these questions yourself. First of all, you must understand the reasons for hatred and discard them.

  33. Very often, this condition is a sign of clinical depression. You need a psychotherapist, and sometimes a psychiatrist, and antidepressants. It will be VERY difficult , even unrealistic. If this is not a clinical case, then you can do it yourself)

  34. It is important to change the environment .That's the only thing that helped me.At the same time, change the furniture that reminds you of the past …going to a sanatorium is like a reboot and NATURE is very important. Visit the forest

  35. I think there is no answer to this question yet, but I can say this, maybe over time it passes for people, people or things appear in life that are why they want to live, exist because of them.

  36. Treat life as a gift that might not have been there. To look at it on behalf of yourself, but not to look at yourself from the side of life, that is, not to dissolve in it. If you are a part of life, and not it is a part of you, then feelings such as hatred arise, which can consume you completely, do not depend on you and are not peculiar to you (and therefore cause suffering).

  37. You need to find your other half and start a family with three children, raise them as decent people and every night in bed you will be happy,

  38. You need to learn to forgive,� and in return come to the aid of these people,� because if you constantly have a black stripe in your life,� then the WHITE one goes with small butterflies

  39. I understand that you can hate your job, animals, and even a human being. But how can you hate life? There are times when, due to illness or some difficult situations, a person does not want to live. But even in such circumstances, a person clings to life. And if a person has a certain goal in life, he stops thinking about death altogether.

    And try to love life. Find friends who love life, spend more time with them in nature. A versatile person is unlikely to hate life. So we need to develop morally and especially spiritually. Often people ask the question: “What is the meaning of human life?” For life to have meaning, it is important to recognize that there is Someone who is the Source of life. If life were created by chance, without the intervention of reason, then our existence would be purposeless, and the future would be uncertain. But one wise book says: “God, who created the world and all that is in it, He, the Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in temples built with hands, and the hands of men do not serve him, as if he needed something, because he himself gives all life, and breath, and everything.”.

    If people don't live according to God's laws and follow his guidance, it leads to frustration. In the same book, the following thought-provoking words are recorded:”Make no mistake: God is not someone to be mocked. What a man sows, he will also reap.”

    And life, in fact, is something to love!

  40. Many people around us suffer from their failures in the material world, from diseases … The result is depression, neurosis and other mental disorders… Many of these people get drunk, become addicted to drugs, take the path of crime, commit suicide…
    There are two main reasons for this: first, a lack of understanding of the meaning of our lives and, second, a lack of knowledge about how to change ourselves-in order to successfully face the difficulties that we inevitably face while living on Earth.
    Many people try to understand themselves using psychological methods… and paradoxically, psychology leads to a dead end.
    Psychology is the science of the soul (“PSYCHO… psyche” — soul in Greek). But in our atheistic psychology, the soul is not studied.
    Emotions are not thoughts, facial expressions, behavioral reactions, or electrical processes in the brain. Emotions in general do not arise in the head at all, as materialistic physiologists believe. They originate in the chest, neck, stomach-in specialized emotional organs-the chakras and meridians.
    After all, the chakras are the organs in which certain emotions and other mental states of a person are produced.
    So, the anahata chakra (chest area) is an organ that produces the emotion of “heartfelt” love. Therefore, if we have cleared and developed this energy structure in ourselves with special exercises, then a simple entrance of consciousness into it already transfers us from states of fatigue, irritation, anxiety – to a bright and pure state of love and peace.
    I can say that stable success in finding balance and true happiness in life cannot be achieved without accommodating God in your Worldview (in the aspect of the Creator, in Russia, for example, It was called Svarog – and people lived very happily, in love).
    Our-human-task here is to develop ourselves — as a soul, consciousness-sufficiently, to pass the way from Creation to the Creator, refining ourselves as consciousness — in order to merge into It, enriching It with ourselves. This was God's “plan” when He created our Earth. This is the meaning of our lives. It is important for us to understand that we are not self-existent, we do not have the right and any reason to claim our own egocentrism, to feel our own special “significance”. For only the Creator is self — existent. And He started all this Creation together with us not for our sake, but for His own sake, for the sake of His own Evolution.
    Specifically, God wants us to learn to live:
    – without violence against others, with the desire to avoid harming all beings as much as possible,
    — with the understanding that we live on Earth not for our own sake but for the sake of participation in Its Evolution — the evolution of the universal Consciousness,
    without negative emotions; and in order to do this, we have mastered the art of psychic self-regulation in its modern design, comprising, as a base, disclosure and development of the spiritual heart (the chest produces the emotions of love)
    — putting the interests of others positively developing people above their own, dedicating his life to helping others in everything good, sacrificing their personal interests,
    — with the understanding that all people are equal before God and among themselves — regardless of national and gender differences; but people differ in the level of spiritual advancement, the criteria of which are the above characteristics.
    I will explain the meaning of a person's life, including each of us.�
    In order to understand what it consists of, it is necessary to consider the question of the evolution of consciousness.
    There is a God-the Primordial Consciousness of the universe, a boundless, ever-living universal Organism.�
    It evolves, developing, improving. For this purpose, from time to time, He creates material worlds in different parts of the universe, in which He embodies the smallest particles of His energy in material carriers, so that they grow – in quantitative and qualitative terms – to Godlike and then merge into It, enriching It with themselves.
    God is Love and we should be like Him – love, this is our meaning of life.
    Emotions are states of consciousness. Understanding this is fundamentally important. We are the consciousnesses, the energy of consciousnesses. Not bodies, not minds. And God is also a Consciousness, only infinitely greater than our consciousness. And in order to fulfill the main thing that He wants from us, we just need to learn to always be in a state of emotion of subtle and pure love and never get out of this state. God is Love. He has compassion for us. He seeks to help us, guiding us all the time on the Path to Himself, to His Abode, to our ultimate happiness…
    But we don't go to Him. Instead, we “fight” for the good of this world, exhaust ourselves with hatred for other people because they dress, cut their hair and so on differently from me, because they do not do the same as me, “prayer” social movements, because they have a different skin color or a different nationality…
    Everything is as if in the palm of the Creator's hand and all our thoughts are easily read by Him, it is impossible to hide and escape from Him. We are what emotions we experience, and so is our soul. Different human emotional states can be ranked on a roughness-subtlety scale.
    The most severe ones are hatred, rage, anger, horror, fear, despair, anxiety, jealousy, longing, resentment, feelings of being overwhelmed by someone, grief of separation, etc.
    The average range can include such states as haste, impatient waiting, sports or work excitement, sexual desire (craving), etc.
    As high states of consciousness, one should consider tenderness, including sexually colored ones, states that arise during emotional attunement with harmonious natural phenomena (morning, spring, comfort, peace, singing of the best songbirds among birds, games of animals, etc.), with corresponding works of various art trends.
    A person has the opportunity, through spiritual efforts, to ascend the subsequent steps. But it can also go down them.
    At the same time, it should be understood that this is not just about the ability to experience certain emotions, but about the states of consciousness that are familiar to this person. And on which of these states will be exactly habitual at the time of parting with the body — depends on the fate, perhaps for future centuries.
    Let's think about whether we would like to stay for such a long time in the states of the first group, and also among our own kind? This is hell.
    It should be understood that certain of our emotions, thoughts, words and actions that are of ethical significance form the corresponding line of fate. Meaning? Through the construction of our destinies in accordance with this principle, God is trying to wean us from evil and teach us good.
    But to walk this short distance to His Embrace of Love, we must become, like Him, pure Love. Not anger or fear, not self-serving desire.
    How do I start making changes?
    First, we will study all the main things that God told people and what the best people on Earth said about God (this was taught, among others, by Thoth-Atlantean (Also known as Hermes-Trismegistus at His next Divine Incarnation), and Pythagoras, and Krishna, and Gautama Buddha, and Jesus Christ, and Sathya Sai Babaji Divine Teachers of later eras and our modern times. (This information is most fully presented in the book “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and Modernity”).
    Then we will get rid of all bad habits: smoking, drinking alcohol and other ” dope”, we will bring our food in accordance with ethical and medical standards (food should be death-free out of compassion, this is important for improving the soul and improving the body).
    Ethically significant mistakes of our past should be analyzed, sincerely repent of all those actions where we caused someone pain and other troubles or did not help someone, although we should have done it. This will be repentance before God. And the meaning of it is to get rid of vices, cultivate the missing positive qualities in yourself and learn not to sin anymore. Let us understand that God perceives at any moment any thought of each person. And to convey it to God, you don't need any intermediaries or special rituals.
    Introducing fundamental worldview knowledge into the mentality of society about the meaning of our lives and the correct relationship of a person with the world around him, including God, and working with the spiritual heart (for this there is a method of shifting consciousness, you need to learn to feel your head (with eyes, ears, lips) … – in the chest), among other things, would help significantly reduce the levels of aggression, crime, drug addiction, suicide, and morbidity (both somatic and mental).
    After all, in particular, if there is no such understanding, then the natural dominant incentive to the actions of most people is only primitive selfishness. It is from here that the greatest number of various crimes arise: bribery, extortion, robbery and theft, rape, etc.
    From God's point of view, people, for the sake of their correct evolution, should learn to live not for themselves, but for the good of other people, for God's sake.
    Falsehood, greed, theft, cruelty to living beings-all this will disappear when people will have true spiritual knowledge. For all human vices are caused by a lack of knowledge (it is important to study true spiritual knowledge — those who preach morality and humanism and learn to live in accordance with it, and not with the morality imposed by false pastors and criminal “authorities” of various scales).
    There is a higher patriotism-this is the unification of people with a sense of the Father-God (Creator) as their Highest Hierarch (God is also called in other languages the Heavenly Father, God the Father, the Creator, the Original, in ancient history the Slavs called Him Svarog and so on. He is also the Supreme Teacher and Goal of each of us), and our homeland is His Creation or even the universe. In this case, all people and other incarnate and non-incarnate beings of the universe are members of one single family of brothers and sisters of different ages — children of the One loving God the Father.
    What does God want from us?
    The development of caring, respect for the worthy, the ability to forgive the mistakes of others, to help them, sacrificing their interests, even their lives-these are the most important and necessary aspects of love, the main aspect of perfection.
    Someone may now object: how can you become better when there is so much evil around?!
    But that very evil also takes its proper place in the Evolutionary Process. With its help, people of Good learn what not to be.
    God is interested in people improving themselves, including and above all, ethically (by cultivating emotions of love and (intelligently) introducing non-attachment to “earthly” goods into their lives). That is why He shows His Love for everyone — in different ways (sometimes very painful), trying to wean them from ethically inadequate actions.
    Everything is just a lesson to be learned.
    Souls are reincarnated in material physical bodies for the purpose of growth and development.
    The life of God is an Evolution, i.e. a continuation of the development of His Universal Organism.
    It is for this very purpose that He creates material worlds in one part of the universe, then in another, and places tiny particles of His energy in the latter – so that these particles grow and eventually flow into Him, enriching Him with themselves, this is His life.
    Each of us in our personal evolution has already passed through many incarnations – before getting into the current human body.
    We must make every effort to find our own Divinity and merge with It, as well as help others to do so.
    And to Divinity we go through:
    – developing love for all living beings and for the Creator.
    God keeps track of what a person chooses — improvement or degradation, giving us some “temptations”.
    In His Creation, the Creator created the appropriate conditions for incarnate people to master love.
    First of all, attunement with the harmony and beauty of nature, especially in the morning, can be a great help in this!
    Those who have firmly chosen the Creator as their Pilot-their Goal-will no longer be caught up and enslaved by the problems of things and events in the material world.
    Esoteric development of the emotions of love:
    We visualize the sun in our chest, with rays-handles.

    P.S.Psychology lesson.
    Let's say you see a person who annoys you. What would you have done before? They became irritated. And now? You tell yourself: “This is my addiction, this is it, dear teacher. Now I'm going to find out what kind of addiction you're dramatizing in me.” This is real creativity. You are no longer up to fear, irritation, you are engaged in creativity: you get lessons, and if you are aware of them. Everything is in your hands.

  41. Start hating people, and blame them for everything, send more often strangers who first turned to you, consider yourself a victim who was unlucky in life, life unfairly developed and now you survive as best you can in a society that you hate.

  42. Only internal work will help you overcome this.

    What is our life, this is a game where everything is banal, where much does not work out, there are no friends, no money, no job, everything falls out of hand and you do not want to do anything.You can't change your life without changing something in it.

    By changing ourselves, we will change everything around us.Sometimes our complexes,phobias, ignorance very much affect our lives.

    When a person is confident in himself,many phobias and complexes will become invisible.Many complexes we have from childhood.Only by working on yourself, you can remove them,and then there should be a universal study of life, gaining experience and thereby self-confidence.

    here are some rules: – understand and forgive your parents for the insults that they love and made mistakes.

    – forgive and love yourself for who you are.if you don't love yourself,reproach yourself for your appearance,actions,then how will others love you?

    – forgive your debtors, debtors,deceivers, because thoughts of revenge will constantly poison your soul.You need to lend as much as you are willing to forgive.

    – don't live in the future, don't cling to the past

    live in the present.

    – strengthen your body and mind.

  43. “I love you life and hope it's mutual!..”
    FAITH HOPE LOVE is the only sure recipe for living in life.
    “I love you life and hope it's mutual!..”

  44. Do this eagerly, and you will be rewarded according to your labors. Otherwise, there is no way. In order to overcome the hatred of life, it must be enjoyed to the point of exhaustion. You haven't yet? Then go for it, you will succeed. And faster!

  45. First, try to explain to yourself why you hate life. That is, what you are given for temporary use. maximum of 100 years. And tell us why it was given to you. Also, tell us what exactly you did to make yourself a better Jew and what you did to make others live better.

    And in general-who did you wrong-life or people, or maybe you yourself?

    They say that we don't like those who have been wronged…

  46. Every thought is only as powerful as the attention you give it. Whatever happens- – – it's just something you paid attention to. “The doors of this monastery: exit and entrance. What awaits us but death, fear, and adversity? Happiness? Happy to live even for a moment. Those who were not born at all are more fortunate. ” O. Khayyam. Everything starts and ends in your head. The most important thing is your way of thinking. With respect.

  47. You don't hate life itself, but only the way you perceive it.

    Life is the sun, green parks, rivers and gentle sea waves. It's birdsong. It's raining, it's beautiful clouds. This is the work of wise, good people. It is a society of knowledge and benefits. This is health and joy. These are pleasures and friendships. This is the love of a mother and father. Basically, you hate that everything is wrong. And all this is not for you. Other people live in love and happily ever after. Not you. And you live unwisely, inharmoniously. You're living the wrong life. Do the opposite. Live like a wise person. Correct your mistakes. Give up your resentment.

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