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  1. How to stop looking for meaning in a computer game?

    Just stop and enjoy the game itself, without asking yourself any questions: “What is all this for? Why am I playing?”

    Life is the same game, exciting, beautiful, always new.

    And when we start to relate to life in this way, it only becomes more, not less interesting.

    Imagine that you work in a casino and are paid to play roulette with casino money (say, to attract other players).

    Every evening you receive $ 50,000, and by morning you hand over the remaining chips and go home, taking your $ 500 payment.

    You may forget in the rush of gambling that the money at stake is not yours, but the casino's.

    If you win, you will feel joy.

    If you lose, annoyance.

    But as soon as you remember that nothing really important is at stake, that this is casino money, and you will take your guaranteed income home later, regardless of the result, then playing becomes much easier and more fun.

    Did you win? Good.

    Lost? Also good.

    It's the same with life. Nothing really important is at stake.

    Your body will die, but you will live.

    You will never die. You are Life itself.

    And when we remember this, we can continue to enjoy life with great passion and joy, remembering that we have nothing to lose.

  2. A sense of direction and meaning in life is very important for each of us. In different periods of life, this meaning can be in different things: in school, work, family, children, creativity, rebellion, and so on.

    The search for meaning itself is an important part of the life process. The meaning of life is not something that is once found and never lost again. Making sense of life is a never-ending, dynamic process of finding meaning, creating it, and putting it into practice. All parts of the process are important.

    For a person, the meaning of life somehow arises and persists in interaction with the environment: during work, recreation, play activities, while building new relationships or a new home, while communicating with loved ones or during prayer.

    Meaning, in my opinion, cannot be found in a static state, because life is a process and it is the activity and completeness of this process that fills life with colors that are later transformed into meaning. What is important is an activity that has moments of beginning and ending, initial arousal and subsequent satisfaction and assimilation of the experience gained. This is what makes sense.

    It's also important to note that a sense of meaninglessness in life can be a symptom of depression. If this condition persists for a long time and completely deprives you of energy, it is advisable to contact a psychiatrist who can professionally assess the condition and prescribe medications if necessary.

  3. To stop looking for it, you need to find it. This is not a tautology. If the question of the meaning of life arises, then you have a need for it and until you satisfy it, it will remind you of itself.

  4. The search for the meaning of life presupposes the existence of a higher being who conceived and embodied it. This is a mystical worldview, so if you are close to it, then any denomination can help. In the world religions, this issue is discussed in sufficient detail. Some of them give quite clear instructions on how to perform such a search and find the result. You just need to choose the most suitable denomination and follow its instructions.

    If you are not close to the mystical view, then you can turn to the scientific view of the world, study the history of biological evolution and accept the scientific point of view on this issue, which, to put it very simply, is that evolution does not have a clear planned goal, nature does not have spirituality and morality, philosophy, so that man does not have some kind of There are biological meanings and goals, but this is a completely different story, it's about food, reproduction and dominance, about genes and others like them. So it's hardly worth looking for something that doesn't exist.

    Well, I really like what Richard Dawkins said about the meaning of life. I won't quote it verbatim, but the general meaning is: “Life constantly throws us thousands of challenges. The meaning of life can be found in coping with them successfully.”

  5. The meaning of life, as well as meaning in general, is a legacy of logocentrism and metaphysics, even Plato believed in the expediency and good organization of this world, and therefore in the fact that any phenomenon, including a person, is necessary for something and can somehow fulfill its purpose. And, it seems, until logocentrism and the remnants of metaphysics are destroyed, man will not be able to free himself from the accursed question of the meaning of his existence.�

    However, freedom from the logos is freedom from what makes a person human, so there are not many options on this path of dehumanization: either become an animal or a robot. Fortunately, we have enough alcohol in the shops and loose girls on the streets to set foot on the broad path of the first option, and there are many theoretical developments that attract us to the romantic future of transhumanism, i.e. to the second option.�

    The concept of the meaning of life is a great boon and merit of human thought: from teleological orientation and belief in the rational structure of the universe, science and philosophy are born, and from spiritual torment, art and culture are born.�

    Who will a person be without pain and without faith?

  6. The only reasonable way to stop looking for the meaning of life (without quotes) is to find it and calm down. Up to this point, all attempts to forget, distract, escape, avoid answering this question will, at best, give a short-term effect. And then this question will come up with a new force in front of everyone who did not answer it correctly. For the simple reason that MAN is a RATIONAL being. And to give an answer to this, in fact, very simple and obvious question is part of the purpose of every person.

    Until a person answers the question – who are you, why and why, peace and harmony in this matter will not come.

  7. The boundless universe. Spread out to the full power of space. Lifeless nothingness. Having nothing but size. Radiation and . Vacuum and absolute gravity. Absolute zero and devouring flame.

    In the middle of it all. Out of nothing. Out of nowhere. A cell appears. She doesn't think for a moment, ” Why?”She's jumping at the chance. Fights radiation, vacuum, absolute gravity and zero, with burning flames. She is tortured, she is wounded. There isn't much left of it anymore. Realizing that he is playing, he comes to the decision to pass on the baton of the fight and bud off the second cell. It gets easier. Yeah. The more cells you have, the more likely you are to survive. More and more new cells are starting to get dirty. Many die, but how to increase the survival rate. The quantity is good, but the quality is even better. They begin to unite into multicellular organisms that are already able not only to survive, but also to crush the killing environment under themselves. It gets harder and harder every million years. Plants. Amoebas. Fish. Reptiles. Mammals. And finally. Person. “Yes, I did it,” the cage screams. “I was able to keep alive in this lifeless ice desert. And not only save, but also fill the whole ball with life. And now I've created someone who, for the first time in many millions of years of fighting for survival, can finally help us move from defense to attack. Gain immortality. Fill this death pit with life. Triumph of life over death. “And then the man asks:” WHAT will we DO?????”

  8. Where did you look for it? What useful things did you do? What will you leave behind in the memories of other people and even animals? In those items that you made yourself or sincerely presented. What kind of heart do you live with? Stony or kind?

    The main thing is to understand that everything is interconnected, that you need to help the weak and needy to the best of your abilities and abilities, while living your own life, and not cliches. Then all the questions will disappear by themselves.

  9. The meaning of life in isolation from life itself does not exist. Just like before life.�

    If you don't start living and acting, it's useless to search for meaning. The meaning of “life in general” is also useless to look for.�

    The meaning of life appears only in your life, in your life, when this life is happening at all. Live, and the meaning will manifest itself through your life.

  10. A. Camus once said: “You will never be happy if you keep looking for what happiness is. And you will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.»

    To look for the missing meaning of life in any business, in the accomplishment of something important, means to fall into the illusion that a person can create for himself the very same, sacramental meaning of being. In fact, it means cowardly, meaningless for oneself to hide from the awareness of the meaninglessness of life, to drown this awareness in the bustle of essentially equally meaningless worries and troubles, of which there are quite a large number in our time. Just don't think about the pointlessness of everything around you. Whether a person talks about hidden wealth, love, fame, about the same piece of bread for himself for a rainy day, or he talks about the happiness and salvation of all mankind-his life, in its essence, is equally meaningless. Only in the latter case, meaninglessness is joined by a false illusion, artificial deception.

    That's the way we're built — to look for something that doesn't exist in everything. We cannot accept the meaninglessness of existence. And there is no sense as such. Unless you create it yourself, but even that will be just an illusion, a mirage. So, if the person showing senseless, chaotic set of points on the Wallpaper, it is in the end, organizes them into the shape and the background image; seeing a ragged circle, the person can perceive it whole, complementing the imagination the missing piece; the perception of a variety of behavioral incentives — for example, strange night noise, unusual facial expressions, meaningless international incidents or another conspiracy against all — a man obtains from them the same “sense“, the unconscious integrating them into a familiar, simple structure. When any of these stimuli can not be schematized, substituted for their explanation, then there is tension, irritation, anger and excitement. We experience daily dysphoria in the face of an indifferent world that does not fit into the structures of the world and look for any organizing structures, explanations and meaning of existence. And when a person is unable to form a clear picture for himself, he feels not only annoyed and dissatisfied, but also unhappy. The belief that meaning is deciphered invariably brings with it a sense of control. Even if the semantic scheme discovered by a person contains an idea of his weakness, helplessness or insignificance, it is still more convenient than the state of ignorance.

    All you have to do is accept the existential guilt of meaning. Accept and realize. As a result, the meaning itself will seem only a funny construct of consciousness and nothing more.

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