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  1. Masturbate according to the regime only for sexual release, so as not to walk all day like a wound-up animal and so that all your thoughts are interrupted by sexual fantasies after a short period of time. I think 1-3 times a week will be enough. If you do this too often, then all the energy will be spent only on masturbation.

    Next, you need to start by setting a goal. You need to clearly identify it in your head, and preferably even on paper. Then, every day, think about your goal and think about practical ways to achieve it. (Download Tinder / badu, see your friends on Vkontakte, read books on pickup, engage in self-development, etc.) If you still decide to read books on pickup, then I advise you to pay attention to Alex Leslie. When you understand that you are ready, then proceed to action.

    Rate yourself. How likely is it that you can qualify for the desired partner? Perhaps you are not in the best physical shape? Perhaps you should work on your appearance? Are you an interesting, strong and independent person? If you are not satisfied with something, then immediately take care of yourself. But don't fall into the abyss of self-criticism and think that you are not worthy of anyone. This is not true, but it is worth soberly evaluating your capabilities. This point is primarily about self-confidence.

    When the first date arrives, try not to worry (if possible). Do not be afraid to show your sympathy and touch the girl, but do not be too intrusive. Most likely, the first time you will ruin everything and never see this girl again, but do not be upset. You have received invaluable feedback, which you should analyze and draw appropriate conclusions. Do not rest on your laurels and look for new opportunities to test your strength.

    Final tips:

    1) It all depends on you.

    2) For any of your actions, you just get feedback from the girl.

    3) You don't make mistakes. You gain experience that turns you into a master.

    4) Step out of your comfort zone. There's a reward waiting for you.

    5) Whatever happens, stay positive!

    Good luck!

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