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  1. First, I would suggest looking at the problem from a different angle)) Thinking about others and focusing on yourself are tasks that do not exclude or contradict each other, but rather help and complement each other.

    You can make yourself a promise (and make sure to keep it) to devote 15 minutes of time to yourself and your development every day. Decide what you want to do first: understand yourself, your principles, paradigms, and goals, teach your body to stretch with yoga, or improve your English. Don't take on too much at once – it will lead to failure and frustration. Start with the simplest and most pleasant one. And every day, devote only 15 minutes to this-you have them.

    Over time, you will develop the habit of devoting time to yourself and it will become a trait of your character. From the effort that you will make in the beginning to overcome the inertia of old habits, it will turn into a need, the satisfaction of which will bring you great pleasure.

    Your development gained in these 15 minutes will certainly make you more effective in some area of your life, which means you will spend less time solving your usual tasks. This means that you will have another 15 minutes, or maybe even a couple of hours, to improve yourself, which has already become part of your nature.

    Imagine how much better and more enjoyable your interaction with others will become when you gain a sense of self-control, dignity, self-confidence, as well as the abilities and skills that you will develop in yourself during the time allocated to yourself. And how much brighter and more pleasant your relationships with people will be if you enter them full of strength, love and gratitude to yourself and the world around you. And at the same time confident that you have that very hour or two that you will devote this day to yourself.

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