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  1. Hello!

    Trusting people comes from childhood, when we were taught norms and rules and formed socially acceptable behavior. And there is nothing wrong with trust, and the fact that everyone around you is good, there is also nothing prejudicial in this.

    Most likely, you trust people in order to get them closer to you and become their “friend”. This is an unconscious desire, and changing the attitude towards people to the opposite, you will only make it worse for yourself.

    There is something that you gain through trust. And you can't do it without it. Find this value and think about where else, besides communicating with people, you can get it. By learning the answer to this question, you will be able to look at people differently, and you will no longer be so close to yourself.

    Take care of yourself!

  2. Usually, by “stop trusting everyone”, in fact, a person unconsciously means something else:

    • How not to worry about callous and ruthless people around you?

    or maybe even this option:

    • How to make an indifferent person responsive? What other ways are there to find the key to the person who repels you?

    And then at the next stage of analyzing your life experience and psychological problems, you may have such an insight:

    • How do you learn to be a little more self-sufficient and not try to get attached to everyone you know with the fear that you will be rejected? Again. Or again they will say “grow up already!”
    • How to stop chasing the firebird and start living?
  3. Look for negative traits in people( there are always a lot of them), check the facts and put them in situations where what is said can be verified. Observe. For example, a person can judge someone else for something and he does the same. This is always a wake-up call.�

    But you need to measure yourself with some disadvantages. Choose what is 100% unacceptable for you,and do not forgive it, but otherwise make allowances. And never let it go by itself. After all, no matter how you look at it, everyone lives for themselves, your task is to protect your borders.

  4. Don't idealize it.
    They're just people. Just like you. Not the gods. They don't know everything, their parents didn't give them a perfect upbringing. They're just as lost as the rest of us. They do not have a limitless source of energy, sometimes they get tired and want to eat, sometimes biorhythms affect them overwhelmingly. They need to allow weakness as well as themselves.
    It's all right, people are imperfect. There is no good and no bad. People just live and try to figure something out.
    By trusting others, by the way, you may be shifting your responsibility to them. Trust yourself. And forgive them for not being gods.

  5. Be positive, trust, but check. Listen, I had the same experience, don't worry too much about it, communicate more, you can study psychology, how not to fall for lies. And so, people will always cheat if they want to, still naive somewhere, but you will remain ideally.

  6. after a while, you will answer this question yourself. you will meet different people, it is important to remember-they are given to you by Life for something. you will also meet unnecessary ones. you'll grow up and understand who's a fellow traveler and who's an asshole. then you'll stop seeing the good ones

  7. After getting to know your past and present, I lost faith in humanity. Isn't it worth a million rubles?!.. Ostap Bender

    Trust is directly derived from faith in man, in humanity. And in order to “lose faith”, it is necessary to get acquainted with the contradictions of a person in particular and of human society in general. Well, this stuff is enough, you can say, over the edge. Study history, get acquainted with a person not through such trends in art and literature as idealism and romanticism, but realism, through the research of psychologists, philosophers, and finally the view of religions on a person: the picture will be mama do not grieve. But I warn you not to go to the other extreme, to misanthropy, to hatred of man and humanity, to excessive suspicion. The road lies between these two extremes.

  8. Work to order for a couple of years=)
    Faith in people will die on its own when you are repeatedly thrown for money or
    will exhaust your nerves for insignificant reasons.

  9. The most honest answer to this question is to do something and go to jail. And in prison-immediately lose your life in cards and make friends with the”omitted” ones. You will immediately find yourself in a situation where you can't trust anyone at all.

    But I don't understand why this is necessary at all.

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