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  1. to see yourself, you need to look at yourself through the eyes of Truth. And the Truth is that every human being is a sinner and a lost one. And in order to be saved, a person must accept Christ as their Savior by faith and follow His teaching – the New Testament. Thanks to this, a person will come out of the world of false images that he tries on and will reflect the image of the Creator, which was originally his purpose. And while a person lives without God, he reflects the image of God's adversary ( the evil one) and constantly deceives and hides his true face.

    16 Take heed to yourself and to the teaching, and do this constantly; for if you do this, you will save yourself and those who listen to you.

    (1 Timothy 4: 16)

  2. The abstractness of the question is off the scale, but if I understood it correctly, then, in my opinion, everything is much simpler than it seems. And in some ways more dramatic.

    “Masks” are a very popular image for describing some model of their behavior, which, in the opinion of a person, is not peculiar to them or should not be. And when a person behaves(or even thinks) it is completely different in certain conditions, with certain people or alone — he is lost in the number of possible variations of his behavior and convinces himself that some of them are “masks”.

    Bad news:

    If you are not Billy Milligan, then most likely the situation is as follows, imho. �
    Everything that you do, even reluctantly, under the pressure of society or something else, is done by you, and not by “someone else in a mask”.
    Another thing is that this pattern of behavior or the actions themselves (or the consequences of actions) can provoke completely natural internal conflicts. Hence, there is a desire to abstract from “some part of yourself”, so to speak. Shift some responsibility for your thoughts and actions. But, alas, there is no other You who, putting on a “mask”, does something that you would not really want.

    Good News:

    Being aware of your needs, behavioral characteristics in various situations, personal responsibility for some actions, and constantly engaged in self-analysis-you can choose a behavioral model within which you will feel comfortable. Do not be afraid of the fact that your behavior and moods are changeable. It is important to realize that adaptation is a part of life in society and learn to somehow get along with it. If in some circumstances you do something unusual and, in your opinion, lose control over yourself, then you should pay more attention to these moments and think about why this happens, how to cope with it, and whether it is necessary at all?

    Do not think that if you are energetic with one person and gloomy with another, if you have intellectual conversations somewhere, and in another society you trump with marginal humor, then something is wrong with you and you are under “masks”.

    A person can resolve many personal conflicts through acceptance and awareness of certain things and through rational introspection. There are many points from which you can start doing such things. For example, motivation. Perhaps somewhere you are not completely honest with yourself and this causes some discomfort. In general, there are plenty of options.

    So have a good introspection and search for yourself! The main thing is to realize and accept yourself as a person with all the features. Then many questions will disappear by themselves, and others will be much easier to solve.

  3. In fact, all you need is trial and error. Communicate with a large number of people, “try on” masks. Some of them will be very much in your favor. Just like a cast will do.

    Plus, it is useful to have a habit of constantly analyzing yourself and the surrounding reality. Making time for this is one of the surest ways to understand what you need in this life. But on the condition that you do not become distracted by someone else's opinion.

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