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  1. Decide. Any action of a person always begins with making a certain decision. And this decision at the very moment of its adoption will change your life in one way or another. Every decision involves giving up something old or accepting something new. Take note that it all depends on the desire. Decide whether you will drag the fish or cut the line. Determine what exactly you want at each stage of your life. In setting your wishes, be definitely accurate, not vaguely interested. Once you have set specific goals, make a plan to achieve them.�

    In response, specifically to this question, I would like to say “head-on”: just decide that you have nothing and nothing to wait for, and decide to start living the way you want it.

  2. I've been going around your question for a long time. Today I read a statement attributed to Chinese billionaire Jack Ma. I decided to share it with you. This message can be applied not only to the poor-rich plane, but to all those who are afraid to take the first step.�

    “Poor people are the most difficult to satisfy. Give them something for free, they'll think it's a trap. Tell them that this is only a small investment, they will say-not to earn much. Tell them to invest big, they will say that they have no money. Tell them to try out new topics, and they'll say no experience. Tell them that this is a traditional business, they will say that it is difficult. Tell them it's a new business model, and they'll say pyramid scheme . Tell them to open a store, they will say-there is no freedom. Tell them to start a new business, they will say that there is no evidence that the new business will go. They have a lot in common: They like to search Google, listen to friends who are just as hopeless as they are, they are more thoughtful than a university professor and do less than a blind person. Just ask them what they can do? They won't answer you. My conclusion: instead of requiring your heart to beat faster, why not just act a little faster yourself? instead of thinking about it, why not do what you're thinking about? Poor people fail because of one common trait: They spend Their Entire Lives Waiting.»�http://www.gapp.az/news/281424-kitayskiy-milliarder-djeka-ma-o-psihologii-bednyih-lyudey

    Fear is the main obstacle for those who live forever in expectation. We are afraid to fall, we are afraid to make mistakes, we are afraid of what others will think of us, we are afraid of success, because we are afraid to” jinx ” it. It is easier to hope for the worst, and then everything that happens bad in life can always be justified with the words “I told you so”. But nothing good will ever happen. That's how life goes, everything seems that tomorrow everything will come by itself and real life will begin. And it does not come and will not come… The present is life.�

    Do what you like, if finances allow and you (at least for now) do not need to feed five children, your favorite business is the secret of happiness, even if it (again for now) does not bring the desired income.

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