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  1. You can become happy and lonely, for example, for a Tibetan monk. We, as social beings, can hardly do without society at all.

    It is necessary to choose people for communication, so that it is comfortable to stay in silence. Surround yourself with worthy interlocutors, those with whom you will be comfortable and pleasant. Even if there are very few of them, they are worthy.

  2. To do this, you need to choose and practice one of the sufficiently deep philosophies or religions, that is, devote yourself to finding meaning in this world, read thousands of books, study different branches of science, and so on and so forth. Or just find a competent psychologist or psychotherapist and analyze your mental models with them. We must remember that without interaction and assistance to each other, living each alone, we accelerate the process of ending the life of our kind on this planet, and selfishness just encourages such a way of life

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