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  1. Most likely, it means not to stop worrying altogether (= to become insensitive), but to get rid of the exhausting, disturbing excitement. If anxiety paralyzes your activity so much that you can't work, serve yourself, or communicate with people, then you should contact a specialist. If everything is not so serious, you can try to cope on your own.

    There are many techniques, one of the options is anti — stress needlework. I have been practicing and teaching it since 2014, and needlework means not only sewing, embroidery, etc., but any manual work, including housework. In other words, we need monotonous activities (which in themselves already have a calming effect), against which you can master simple exercises for relaxation and analysis of your condition.

    This method is convenient because it does not break you out of the usual rhythm of life, but allows you to master the techniques of psychological self-hygiene as if in between, in the process of performing other tasks that you already perform during each day. For example, while washing dishes, you can focus your attention on tactile sensations or breathing, and while preparing dinner, you can sort out your thoughts. I tell you more about this on my YouTube channel and in my books (“Anti-stress Needlework” will be released soon).

    In any case, whatever method you choose, I wish you to achieve the level of peace that is comfortable for you.

  2. In the modern world of stress, hassle and crisis situations can not be avoided, so you need to learn to calm down, stop worrying about trifles and be nervous about every occasion. Whatever happens to you, don't take anything to heart. Just learn useful lessons from situations.

    How to stop worrying
    Stop fighting the excitement. No need to waste your health and precious time on excitement. You need to analyze the reason for your worries, perhaps because of this trifle you do not need to worry at all.
    Ask your loved ones for help. Talk to your family and friends about your feelings and experiences – so you can stop worrying by “talking through” your unpleasant situation.
    Love yourself. In any unclear situation, calm down, lie down, mentally hug yourself to save your nerves.
    Leave mistakes to the past. Don't worry and appreciate the present.
    Start meditating. Practicing meditation at the right moment will help you get rid of your worries.

    Breathe properly. When you are worried, your heart starts beating very fast and your breathing becomes rapid. In this case, your body needs a stop and oxygen. To do this, exhale and start breathing deeply and evenly.
    Find your favorite activity. A person who has a lot of favorite things to do doesn't have time to worry. This is a very effective method of getting rid of anxiety.
    Drink teas with mint and chamomile, these plants are known for their soothing properties.
    Don't make hasty decisions. Weigh the pros and cons well. Think about it and ask yourself whether you should do what you have planned or not. Learn to anticipate life situations.

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  3. There are many psychological techniques for this situation. Every technique does not give a 100% guarantee. Therefore, it is better to try several options, for example: �

    -Most likely, over time, all negative emotions will subside and everything will be fine, so why worry now? Once in a week or a month, you won't care.

    “Imagine what awaits you if you don't.” Think in as much detail as possible about the terrible consequences of what will happen if you do not do what you have planned.

    – You remember and try to include the image of a person who is successful in the type of activity in which you need help. For example: try to copy the behavior of a character from a movie to become more charismatic, if necessary.�

    “Go over in your head that the worst part has already happened. Try to feel for yourself all the fears that will appear at the same time.�

    – Think of people as living scenery.

    In general, we all have the same nature. This is our animal part. Scare a calf and a human – you'll get the same patterns and mechanisms of responses. Therefore, it may still be worth reading about the fears that have appeared in us due to evolution. Предупрежд “Forewarned means armed”

    Well, the best book in this case will be : Sharon Melnik “Stress Tolerance”, it describes a hundred effective techniques.

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