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  1. I like the answer above) I also agree that it makes sense to be nervous when nerves change something.

    that is, the adrenaline helps me do something. well, it's a personal matter.

    But I will make a constructive suggestion… do you remember that exams can be retaken? even if you fail your own… so what? pass it again.�

    moreover, retaking is usually much easier than the main exam. first, you already know what awaits you, second, there are fewer people, and third, the teacher has already shown you the eeem.. place.

    now it will evaluate your knowledge, if you have any at all. if there is – ok, you will skip. if not, of course, you will be sent back.

  2. Don't think that I'm bragging, but all exams (USE, and then at UNI) I passed absolutely calmly and with a steady pulse. Before that, I went through a large number of Olympiads for schoolchildren, during which I got so used to all the tests, the probability of failure and all the other troubles that I no longer cared.

    In general, you can ask a question: “Why worry?”. After all, excitement will not help in any way, but only, on the contrary, interfere and distract. A similar question is described in the film “Bridge of Spies”, made about the American intelligence pilot Powers and the Soviet intelligence officer Abel. The latter was discovered by the Americans and were going to put him in the electric chair. Abel took the news of the American authorities ' intention to execute him very indifferently, and Abel's lawyer, struck by his composure, asked his client:”Don't you ever worry?” “to which Abel replied very simply:' Will this help?'


  3. We have been intimidated since school by the proximity of something “incredible”. Control, GIA, use. Every time you are afraid of the wolf less and less. Special thanks to my parents, of course, who did not scold me for rare bad grades, because of which, however, I was upset myself. No one will die from it. And your life won't be ruined right away. Sometimes, on the contrary, it can help to make friends with a losers who will stop considering you perfect and unapproachable and treat you to skittles at the buffet. In general, now I rarely really worry about anything. As a rule, not for themselves. You just need to imagine both a bad outcome and a good one, and understand that none of them will put YOU on the street (at least immediately and forever) and not soar to heights.

  4. A hundred grams for courage and everything will be: great, good, magical, beautiful, wonderful, unforgettable – if it doesn't help, have another drink. Although it's easier to just pass nothing)

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