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  1. Hello!

    I'd like to ask myself a few questions before rushing to overtake the younger guys. For example, what does young people mean to me? I don't consider myself young? why? what exactly does it mean to step on your heels? why is this so important to me? if I am overtaken, what will it mean for me? Do I consider myself a true professional? if not, why not?

    Depending on the answers, you can draw conclusions and decide how to proceed. Because, perhaps, it's not about the young, but about your attitude to the situation and to yourself in the first place. And it can be changed.

  2. Your conclusion looks like an irrational one.

    If you are concerned about this particular idea, Google the images “cbt table” – any one with 6 columns will do, fill it out, perhaps several times.
    Further, if the worries do not pass, change or melancholy covers already without thoughts-exclude depression as a disease from the doctor (this is only a psychiatrist or psychotherapist).

  3. There are two “problems”here. Internal, you experience and associate this feeling with the processes at work. Although the reason is not the situation, but your feelings. To work with the experience, there are psychologists, various practices and techniques for independent work, including.

    And there is also an external “problem”. The situation in the world is unstable, and you seem to be very dependent on work for hire, while not the fact that you are a hot-shot specialist. So it must be somehow tightened up. And to do this, you will have to “get out of your comfort zone”. Review a lot of things. Start doing a lot of new and unusual things. And here, too, work on yourself will not be superfluous.

  4. Make your brain work for an excellent grade – read a lot, solve crosswords, logic problems, when the brain is razor sharp, and this can be achieved at any age (the brain is plastic all your life!), you will in any case save your place in the sun!

  5. Usually, young people replace those who are poorly or can no longer work normally. If you work well, there is little chance that you will be replaced. On the other hand, this moment will either happen, or already a pension. That is, it is important to accept that this moment is inevitable. In addition to work, you should have another hobby or business that will be interesting to you after retirement.

  6. You can't influence the situation anyway. If you are a good and reliable employee, it is unlikely that your boss will just dismiss you and take a young one.

  7. Yes, just do not worry and do not worry about this and that's it! Everyone of any age has equal rights with others! If you need to work-then work on, and do not solve someone else's problems at the expense of harming yourself! The lack of jobs in the country is not your fault! This is what the government should do, and NOT YOU should provide jobs at your own expense, and even to the detriment of yourself, to someone! Everything is simple here!.. You didn't specify exactly what the problem is.. If you mean higher qualifications, then no one has canceled self-education yet!.. Also, check out the Russian Labor Code!.. It is illegal to dismiss a pensioner if he is not on long – term sick leave!.. A pensioner can leave his job only at his own request!

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