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  1. Treat your senses like lab mice, just study their behavior… ask the questions ” why am I angry?”,” why do I need this?”, look for answers in psychology books – in general, the more you think about the behavior of your feelings, the less likely your feelings are to influence your behavior ))

  2. Anger should not be suppressed, it is necessary to vent it, of course, not on the people around you. :-))) For example, take a piece of paper, a pen, sit down and write everything that angers you, upsets you, irritates you, in general, everything that brings you negativity, then tear this piece of paper and flush it, for example, into the toilet, you can also set it on fire or somehow get rid of it. A simple exercise. It may seem silly. :-))) But it works very well for me. The easiest way to put your emotions on paper. The advantage is that then emotions find a way out, but neither you nor the people around you suffer. :-))

  3. I once used the drug afobazol, according to the assurances of my friend who studies in honey, the drug really does not affect the body for the worse, so I used it for six months according to all the recommendations that were in the instructions.�

    I can safely say that I have become a calmer person, I have become less angry, and in general, my stress tolerance has significantly increased.�

    The only pitfall that has manifested itself in those six months is the apathy that has appeared, but it is better than outbursts of anger.

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