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  1. The most proven way is to occupy yourself with something. During sports/science/ other self-development activities, you are distracted from being depressed about it. This is very important, because if you do not do this, then laziness will appear, and then depression due to laziness and a vicious circle will appear.

    Time just doesn't heal, it changes from one problem to another, be careful with that)

    In general, everything is as mentioned in the answer before me. Unrequited love is a strong motivator to move, and then most likely you realize that your object of adoration is actually behind in development from you. But again, everything is individual 😉

    Good luck! 🙂

  2. Get rid of the internal conflict with yourself:�
    realize that the future with your object of adoration can not be, you will never be able to be close.Understand that your feeling is not mutual and mentally let go of your loved one.

    Immerse yourself in your studies and work.

    Come up with a new hobby: dancing, cycling, yoga, English, French or Chinese courses. Try to make it so that you just don't have time for sad thoughts.

    Try changing your social circle. As little as possible, meet with friends who even remind you of a loved one by their presence.

    Change your image. Get a new haircut, buy some new fashion items.

    Help your friends and family solve problems. You can sign up as a volunteer for a charity or help employees in an animal shelter.

    Do not accumulate negative emotions and thoughts in yourself, let them come out. The best remedy for negativity is sports.

    Go to the gym and dump all the weight of your pessimistic thoughts on exercise machines and punching bags.

    Put your inner world in order. A broken heart needs to be healed by reading educational literature about self-discovery and self-improvement. This will help you look at the world around you in a new way, make you rethink your life values and set the right priorities.

    Mentally put an end to the past and start making plans for the future. Set new goals for yourself and strive to achieve them.

    Improve your self-esteem. There are many affirmations and meditations on this topic. Don't focus on a single person who doesn't appreciate you. Don't forget that you are a human being created by God for joy and love. You have a lot of positive qualities that you can easily identify in yourself, and there are disadvantages for everyone. Work on yourself, get rid of bad habits, improve yourself.

    Appreciate yourself and know that your mutual love and destiny will surely find you soon!

  3. Let me share a modest experience and express only subjective thoughts:I suffered from unrequited “love” for four years. “love” – because this feeling,no matter what anyone says,should be mutual.

    This state must be really experienced,digested,endured,suffered through…up to the most severe pain and relief:when everything,like a cold, starts to go to “no”.sometimes it will seem that there is no end to it,that it is impossible to get off this needle, and you will always be tormented by thoughts about this person.but no:this will not always be the case.

    However, you need to try to digest all this correctly, analyzing the feeling and sobering yourself with timely questions:why is that?what is my future like if I continue to focus on this person?why is it so good?what can I learn from meeting him?

    Unrequited love, by the way, can be a great incentive to work on yourself.Personally,I didn't think I was good enough for him (both internally and externally), so the feeling wasn't mutual.it seemed to me that if I lost weight,started writing good lyrics,got another education,and dressed beautifully, then he would consider me an equal and definitely notice me.and get married 😉

    I did all of the above.I really wanted to get married.only I don't need it anymore 🙂

    Each story is complex and individual,and everything sounds easier in words,but I believe that this painfully psychological path of rejection by someone is useful for everyone.it's like a vaccination:a virus is introduced into the body so that it learns to fight it.I wish you,the author, that you will succeed!

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