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  1. In general, this is a set of measures. Running improves vascular conduction. On the other hand, the psyche must be at rest, then all its functions will work properly. Well, the final touch can be set by feeling, sometimes images with a sensual boost come faster than a logical sequence.

  2. Read books, learn foreign languages, solve puzzles, you can also develop your left hand( if you are right-handed ), learn poetry, go to new places and, of course, draw.


    The main thing that both school and higher education should provide is the ability to think. And also, in a broader sense, the ability to use your own human and psychological resources. Unfortunately, the school trains only one of our qualities: memory. “A storm covers the sky with mist…” I still remember this poem.

    It trains memory, but it DOESN'T train different ways of thinking — wide, high, right, left, obliquely… There's just a set of rules that you have to remember. And not only in mathematics, but even in history and literature. Not to learn to think, but to learn to reproduce certain patterns.

    Например, �http://psychologi.net.ru/book/kurpatov_mifu/4_2.html

  4. Do not dig deep, but trust your intuition.

    Co-image is a superficial ability, it consists in quickly, intuitively finding a connection between a pair of images that are adjacent “completely randomly”. Its motto is: “answer immediately, clarification later, if you want.” The slowest thinkers are those whose understanding needs a detailed logical chain. And quick-witted people are not very capable of thorough mental work – they are nugget grabbers, not pit diggers.

    On the other hand, there is a quick wit that simply comes from experience. In each case, over time, patterns are revealed, the knowledge of which allows you to predict the result, bypassing causal sequences – to guess by secondary signs, as in folk signs. It's just the darkness that decides.

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