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  1. Department of Internal Affairs, for example.

    If your thoughts are mostly fantasy, then you need to arrange real life. I haven't really done it yet =)

    If paranoia, cheating – set yourself a certain “stop tap” as an ATS, if by willpower, and so here in the reasons to understand. Maybe because of anxiety. Then work on it with a psychologist / neurologist.

    If the thoughts “now I will say this, then he will say it” – most likely he will not say it, this is due to uncertainty and attitude towards other people, if inventing dialogues takes too much time and effort. By the way, such a process also greatly gradually distorts the already a priori distorted image of another person.

    In short, it depends on what you think and what is the reason)

  2. I don't see the point in pretending to know

    the answer to this question is familiar to me.

    but definitely right away I assure you,

    that it has far from meager demand.

    some “fools” see this as a force,

    “getting rich” is terrible, but not the right thing.

    but you and I know this “vein”,

    once again, we do not want to join this “herd”.

    and so, then we can argue with everyone,

    that there is a “hole” for the “exit”here:

    the more “burning” we are only “important”,

    all the less do we suffer from what is “in us.”

  3. It's not hard to think less. But to achieve this, you need to train. Clear your head of thoughts several times a day. They usually focus on the breath. When you manage not to think for at least a couple of minutes, you will get used to not thinking sometimes.

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