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  1. There is a great way to learn not to think about what prevents you from moving forward. And with scientific justification, by the way. So, we have a wonderful prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for control. Just telling yourself “don't think about it” is an empty effort. So, to control your thoughts, the prefrontal cortex needs to be trained. By what? Meditation is the best option. If you do not dare to try meditation, then I recommend the book “Willpower”, in which a whole chapter is devoted to the issue under discussion.

  2. both of the above methods have never worked for me) Trying to stop made my thoughts even more intrusive, and there were so many of them that I would have spent my entire life writing them down.

    I just bring every thought to its logical conclusion as quickly as possible and it disappears by itself. If this is a question , then I find the answer. If in doubt, I force myself to make a thoughtful and balanced choice and close on this topic. If the fantasy – to bring it to all possible endings and fully survive.

    Figuratively speaking, my thoughts are no longer flickering in my head, but culturally standing on the sidelines, and waiting for their turn in order to approach the window behind which Attention is sitting. Every thought is spent exactly as much time as it is necessary, and in the end everyone leaves happy, like in a good bank.

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