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  1. It is not very clear what answer you want to your question. What does “how to train yourself”mean? Every day you are told at school what paragraph to read and what exercises to do. You will not believe it – you need to open the textbook and read this paragraph, what to do with the exercise, I think you will understand.

    You are already at the age where you can take responsibility for your choices. If you want to learn, learn; if you don't want to, don't learn. Yes, imagine, everything is just that simple.

  2. I don't agree with the answers above that it's not worth trying. It's worth it and still worth it!

    Just think about the fact that first of all, you still have two whole years to fix the situation. Secondly, if you pull yourself together now, it will be much easier for you in the senior class with tutors, because they also set homework. And then at the university or college, and then no one will compete with you.

    I know a few good examples from life in the form of my former classmates. One of them never did anything even in the 11th grade. Plus , I often skipped school, but in the end I scored the highest score from the entire parallel and entered the top university in the country on a budget. And all because he strenuously took up studying only those subjects that he needed, and did the rest for the sake of the certificate (in Belarus it is important). Therefore, do not think that you will not succeed. Everything will work out. The main thing is to want it very much.

    As a matter of fact, how do you train yourself to do your homework every day? Easy and simple.

    1. Never postpone your homework until the last moment. They came home from school, had a meal, and went on to learn.

    2. Immediately dismiss the idea that you want to play games / watch a TV series, and so on. We did our homework first, then everything else. Then you will have more free time.

    To be honest, in the eighth grade, I couldn't even eat properly if I didn't do my homework. But don't do that 😉

    1. It will be very good if you train yourself to write a list of lessons that need to be done for tomorrow. I've been doing this since I was a kid on the machine and didn't know it was a good way to improve my academic performance. I usually did this: first, light written / heavy written / oral / tutors.

    2. Do your homework not only for tomorrow, but also for other days.

    And, of course, in such situations, different publics a la study motivation help.�motivation.com�and so on (the vk is full of them). These are great helpers and inspirers in those very moments of life when the hands themselves drop, and you can no longer retreat. There's everything from bright planners and colorful notes to tips on how to increase your productivity or choose the right profession.�

    And then who will be to blame for the fact that you did not study and could not get enough knowledge to go where you want and get the profession that your heart is set on? Just you.

  3. Oooooh, I have exactly the opposite. I worked hard until the 9th grade, and when I was told that I was going to get a medal, I put a huge bolt on my studies. The medal was already awarded for beautiful eyes, active work at school, excellent relations with teachers, but not for knowledge. I was as lazy as I could. And now, when I have been a student for a long time, and not a doctor, but a doctor, I am ashamed that I am such a lazy person and can not really take up this or that subject that we are asked)))) so be strong, there's no way to fix this! I really tried, but it didn't work out

  4. Believe my experience and the experience of millions of schoolchildren – if you haven't learned how to do D/c systematically in 9 years, you won't be able to do it this year either. You may be able to hold out for a week or two, but then you'll give up anyway. So my advice : find yourself 3-4 subjects that you are really interested in and do them, and the rest can be “scored”, still doing something without interest is a waste of time.

  5. First, you need to decide whether you have enough knowledge of the material you have completed to be able to complete this very homework assignment. If the answer to this question is yes, then only strong-willed efforts and self-control.

    If you can't solve actual problems in algebra or geometry because of the missing material, maybe you should focus on what you have less problems with – Literature? Right? Labor? Physical education, after all? There is also a subject on which it will be easiest for you to catch up – focus on it.

    PS No offense, but if you didn't acquire the necessary perseverance, discipline and aspirations before the 9th grade, maybe you shouldn't try? – There are quite a lot of working specialties in which you can prove yourself and earn, even if not millions, but on bread and butter-quite, not everyone can be academicians.

  6. And how did you get to the 9th grade without doing any work at home? Amazing. But, if on the topic, then come up with a motivation for yourself. Something that will really make you do your homework every night. It may be necessary to improve your academic performance so that it will be easier to pass exams later, enter a university, and get a job that you are interested in. I don't think it's too early to think about a long-term admission. But believe me, the sooner you start working hard, the easier it will be.

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