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  1. If you mean by “female logic” a set of cliches and stereotypes about the behavior of a “typical” girl (irrational, meaningless actions; diminutive affectionate suffixes in each noun; a thin voice; obsession with their appearance, which has reached the point of absurdity; love “goats”, and friendzonit good guys), then for full understanding it is worth opening a collection of jokes or a girly public, they are teeming with such nonsense.

    Or do you mean that one woman can't understand what the logic of the other's actions is? Does this woman's actions seem irrational to her? So it's not just for women. We all misunderstand each other. It is ok. It's either worth talking about it or scoring a goal.

    Very often, girls like to scratch their self-esteem with such a question, putting themselves on a level higher than other girls-they say they are so primitive, illogical, but there is Me, a normal girl, I don't understand them at all, because I'm not like that.

  2. There is such a thing Logic (with a capital L, because the thing is important and necessary). Despite all the accusations that logic, like school algebra, is only needed to teach it later, it is logic that allows you to speak not like Klitschko, but more clearly. Without the simplest cause-and-effect relationships, we could not not only explain that you need to buy meat (minced meat) to make cutlets, but even realize it.

    If you don't understand someone's logic, it most likely means that the person is missing some links in the chain of cause and effect in their statements or actions. And he does it either because he is sure that this is some kind of obvious thing that should not be mentioned to speed up communication (Such as “the forecast did not warn that it was raining there, and I was all wet.” Obviously, if it's raining, it means water is dripping from the sky. And most likely, if she is wet and complains about the forecast, then she did not bring an umbrella with her), or because she does not know how to express her thoughts clearly.
    The very concept of “female logic” (which, as an objective fact, simply does not exist) was invented by men to indicate the omission of stages that are not obvious from their point of view. After all, if the stage is not obvious, it seems that the speaker simply does not know how to talk normally, and in general does not differ in intelligence. And jokes about female intelligence are especially loved by all generations.

    So, if you don't understand some of the statements of women around you, then most likely you just don't understand very well some typical-female and stereotypical-female affairs. Therefore, you can either try to understand these cases, or simply ask them to tell you a more detailed chain of reasoning.

  3. Female logic is very easy to understand. Logically, a woman understands that you need to eat a salad because the salad is useful – it makes the girl slim and beautiful. This is true and it is logical. In reality, she gets up at night and in a foggy oblivion wanders to the refrigerator to insidiously eat chocolate because eating chocolate is delicious, pleasant and joyful. The same thing happens with men. As desired, women declare a set of “good-salad” qualities, but in reality they eat chocolate, love chocolate and want chocolate.

    We call” women's logic ” the monstrous gap between the concepts of correct and rational behavior declared by women and the reality where they behave quite differently when they are at the mercy of emotions.�

    In general, the concept of “female logic” has nothing to do with logic at all. It is as absurd as” women's physics “or”women's mathematics.”

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