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  1. If, as you write in the comments, you don't ask directly, then shrug your shoulders and wait until he somehow decides on his own.

    Because there are several completely different options. Most likely, these changes are a reflection of the fact that he really has a contradictory attitude towards you. As for the dynamics that run through his head , neither you nor I are his therapist. It is likely that he himself does not understand in words that this is not so. Well, it's interesting. It's not interesting. Now it's interesting again…

    What I mean: our feelings and desires in general are by nature ambivalent, ambivalent: both I want and nunafikdrug.�

    Well, or an ancient saber-toothed pickup truck, an unfading classic “closer-further”…

    You can't figure it out until you ask him, and he doesn't try to answer you and himself (it's true that he probably won't be able to))

    Ah! There is another way: yes, just go into a relationship, in the end, through a relationship and you will already understand how it relates. A lot of people do just that. Indeed, it is much more adventurous than asking directly.

  2. This means that it is much more important for you how you are treated than how you are treated.

    And with such a dependence on other people's opinions and behavior, any relationship is difficult to build.

    If you have decided on your feelings for a person, they should be shown: freely, openly, sincerely. And enjoy it )

    And waiting or determining how you will be treated in order to decide how you feel is nothing more than the unconscious manipulation of an insecure person.

  3. Without knowing the situation, it is difficult to say that you can take anything for coldness, ranging from a busy person to really indifferent, but in my opinion, he did not have time to be too interested in you to devote all his time, as is usually the case in the initial stages of falling in love. Everything will be clear in time.

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