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  1. OO nakoets the question on my topic))

    I sometimes have overly realistic dreams that I remember perfectly, and when I tell my friends, they tell me to write a book or two. But it's not too far, it's something deeper, I can sleep for 8 hours but live in a dream for a whole month, and just to remember every day that I clearly dreamed of takes an hour. I don't know what it is, but I think it's my gift. So in such dreams, it is almost impossible to control actions, but I came up with one trick, in a dream I try to get a phone and make a call. A simple action is not modeled in any way in my subconscious, sometimes I take out an old home phone from my first apartment, which I remembered from childhood, my subconscious can also joke)

  2. I had a case where I had the same dream twice in one day, basically it was my desire to satisfy my sexual needs, in both cases I just saw a girl who I liked and she did what I would like to see.

    To my surprise, in my first dream, I believed almost wholeheartedly that this was real. But when I woke up, I could only realize that I was deceiving myself.

    It is interesting to become in the second dream, after waking up.

    It went exactly the same as the first one, with one difference. There was a certain person (one of my imaginary friends) who made me realize that I was simply not in the right place where I really wanted to be. I started running away (and it was at the dacha), and so I ran to the clearing, and only there I was more than clear that all this was unreal. I may never say this to myself, but my feelings, which speak for themselves, are enough for me.

  3. Make a reality check 🙂

    • Bring your hands up and look at them. In a dream, they change their shape and appearance
    • Find a book or simple text. Read the line, then turn away and read it again. If it has not changed, then you are in Reality
    • Find the clock and see the time. In a dream, they will show different times
    • Turn the lights on and off. In a dream, it is difficult for the brain to form lighting and shadows, as in reality
    • Hold your nose and mouth and try to breathe. In your dream, you can do this
  4. Try looking at your palms. This will be quite difficult to do (which will already indicate that you are not in reality), but if you can still see them, then turn your gaze to any object nearby and know that from now on, you can control your sleep. However, now you will be on a very fine line between sleeping and waking up.

  5. Recently, in a dream, I realized that this is really a dream…And I remembered Dad saying that:

    if you understand that you are in a dream, then just make a wish.

    I made a wish for “shotgun please”, and it appeared right in my hands.

    I quickly realized that this was a dream because the world was a little shaky in front of me,not like in normal life.And if you want to get into the OS, then I advise you to focus on the surface with patterns.The patterns will constantly change as it is a dream

  6. You can prochto pinch yourself, if there is no pain, then sleep)))
    Of course, if you pinch yourself not too much, then you can feel it a little,and if it's stronger, then you're not sure(If you're in a dream)
    P.S. I advise you to pinch harder, otherwise it will not work out

  7. If the question is not philosophical, but practical in nature, then with the help of one exercise you can learn to regularly turn on consciousness and understand that you are dreaming, and, as a result, transfer your experience to the plane of lucid dreams.

    The exercise is called “Hand”: during the day, you need to say to yourself the question ” Am I dreaming?”, look at the open palm, looking at the lines, details. While scrolling through the question in your head, look up and briefly examine the entire situation around you. This is also called reality check. It is important to make a hand not automatically, in the background, but as collected as possible, really asking a question, looking with interest at the patterns on the palm, paying attention to the situation around. The condition should be almost at the voltage level, as if you suddenly remembered that you did not turn off the iron, or were afraid of a loud sound, this is important.

    The whole exercise should take 10-20 seconds, do it more often, the better, but without fanaticism, 8-10 times a day. How does it work? First, in a dream, at the slightest doubt whether everything around you is dreaming, you will sooner or later check your hand out of habit. Secondly, it will be tied to several reflexes that are useful for controlling sleep-concentration (on the patterns of the palm), internal concentration, perception of the environment. The fact is that if you suddenly ask yourself such a question in a dream without the habit of using your hand, there is a high probability of breaking this fragile state and quickly waking up. I am sure that everyone will remember such a case from their own experience.

    This is one of the two basic exercises for experiencing lucid dreams, and the second is a dream diary: a notebook should be placed near the bed so that you can write down everything you dreamed right after you wake up. All this may sound slightly abnormal, but in 2-3 weeks of a diary and a hand, any untrained person gets a lucid dream experience that can hardly be compared with anything else.

    What Ilya wrote also works, but it is not always possible to pull this connection out of memory, and there are not always switches and mirrors nearby.

  8. Personally, the jump helps me, if I jumped and started soaring, then something is wrong. Either I try to look at someone's face, which is usually blurry, or it changes shape in my sleep. Also try to read something twice, most likely the text will change each time.

  9. One day, Chuang Tzu dreamed that he was a butterfly, a merrily fluttering moth. He was enjoying himself heartily and didn't realize that he was Zhuangzi. But when he woke up, he was very surprised that he was a Chuang Tzu, and he couldn't understand: was Chuang Tzu dreaming that he was a butterfly, or was the butterfly dreaming that she was a Chuang Tzu?(c)Confucius

  10. Hunger. In a dream, you are never hungry , even in the most vivid “nightmares”. Well, where did you dream of an empty stomach? This is only a problem of reality , unfortunately.

  11. I'll tell you about my first and, so far, only experience. I had a dream where I was going down some strange stairs that looked like scaffolding. When I came down, I found myself in a place very similar to my home (any place you find yourself in in a dream is similar to the one you once were in, most often home). I was surprised and at first didn't understand why I was at home, but then I realized it was a dream. After that, the dream began to fade and I knew that I was about to wake up. I tried to hold the state with all my might, but nothing happened.

    In this short time(about 30 seconds) I noticed one interesting thing: if you look closely at objects, they start to change. For example, the pattern on the curtains changed very quickly.

  12. The easiest way that doesn't require you to memorize, mirror, or anything else is to hold your nose and try to breathe. This is the fastest reality game.

    If you want to go to the OS (I did it on the first night with the first attempt in this way), then at night, when you wake up (and everyone wakes up at night when they toss and turn or adjust the blanket/sheet/pillow), then lie quietly, do not think about the upcoming OS (lucid dream) and move two fingers on either hand, as if you are tapping on First, you lower your index finger, then raise and lower your middle finger, so you smoothly “play”. After 20-30 seconds of such movements, stop moving your fingers, but start the command, that is, strain your fingers, but do not move them. (Like how people try to squeeze an imaginary ball between their hands, straining their hands and imagining that it exists). So play the keys, but without moving your fingers. At this time, you will fall asleep, but you will not realize that you are asleep, you will think ” pfft, I'm definitely not sleeping.” Therefore, after a new 20-30 seconds of playing the keys, but without moving your fingers – hold your nose, it will seem to you that you are doing this in reality, but when you try to breathe and can do it with the holes clamped, you will suddenly realize that you are in the WASP). Next, if you try to open your eyes or get up right away, you'll probably snap out of sleep and wake up. To prevent this from happening-continue to move your fingers a little more, then rub your hands together in a dream, put them on the floor, this will help you navigate in a dream, create a sense of reality. After that, open your eyes, but always remind yourself that you are asleep, otherwise the OS will go into normal sleep and you will no longer control it. Remember sometimes that you are in OSA, get up. You don't need to look in the mirror for the first time, the reflection can frighten you a lot, because in a dream, you can see anything in the mirror, you can see yourself very fat or disfigured, you can see not yourself at all and this will all surprise you unpleasantly. Therefore, it is better to look at the hand, it will blur and you will not see an ordinary hand, it will remind you that you are sleeping. Wish to take off and get off the floor, fly, then kill, read and do whatever you want. You can read the poem in a dream and try to remember it when you wake up – you will remember it. Much of what happens in a dream happens in the body and in life. For example, in one video, Mikhail Raduga says that his student drank in a dream, after waking up, tests were taken and the body was really drunk, in a dream he thought that this was reality and started these processes. And do not go to the toilet in your sleep, have sex if you do – there is a danger of cumming, there will be a wet dream and you will get the sheets dirty, so it's better not to do it in the OS if you haven't let go in your life for a long time (this applies to men, sorry, ladies, for the wording).

  13. This may sound strange, but try to hurt yourself. If you are asleep, you will not feel anything. Simply put, pinch yourself.

  14. Another supposedly effective way is to look at something complex and memorable, and then look again. In a dream, everything is constantly changing – one text can be replaced with another, the people in the photo can change, even the number of fingers on the hand can change.

  15. Indeed, if you look in the mirror in a lucid dream, the face can be alien or quickly deformed.

    If you continue to search for the dreamer himself, or “who am I”, then, as in the best Buddhist traditions, you will find that everything is a dream.

    Everything happens in the space of consciousness (if you close your eyes, you can see a void that looks at itself) everything else, beyond the sense of “isness” of this consciousness, manifests itself in this space and there is no evidence other than the belief that these images reflect something outside of these sensations. It is impossible to prove or refute their reality, because the one who proves or refutes is also perceived in consciousness by consciousness.

    The concept of sleep or non-sleep also depends directly on the character's reality. If its reality is questionable, then there is no dream and no dream, and therefore no difference.

  16. If you read the guided dream instructions, there are some basic tips on how to understand that you are in a dream.

    1. Click the switch or try turning on any other electrical appliance. Usually the technique in a dream does not work.

    2. Look in the mirror. The laws of physics in a dream also do not work normally. You probably won't see a reflection.

    3. Try to understand how you got here. For example, you are sitting on a bus somewhere. If you don't remember getting in there, and the last thing you remember is your apartment, for example, or you don't remember anything at all before, then it's probably a dream (or amnesia).

    If you realize in a dream that this is a dream, you can control it, as in Nolan's movie “The Beginning”. Feel like a wizard. However, this is quite difficult

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