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  1. Fall asleep sober and in time to get about 8 hours of sleep. Then, I do this, and without hesitation, at the first sign of waking up, you get to your feet and make the bed. All) back to bed already too lazy, and sudden movements -a kind of exercise for the body.

  2. Obviously, if you say so, you don't have a favorite main activity. Change it “whatever”. I used to work at a factory as an engineer and hated getting up at 7: 00 to be half asleep at work by 8: 00… I became a lawyer. Lawyers can come to work as early as 9-00 to 10-30… but even from this I was not happy (of course, not only the wake-up time played a role here)… what to do – I decided to become a programmer. And now you can come to work by 12: 00, if you want… well, if you don't want to, then you can work as I do to order. I use an alarm clock, but I love it, it does not allow me to miss the next discussion with the customer, the necessary meeting or date, or training or something else interesting… Love your main activity and hobbies.

  3. To get up earlier, you need to go to bed earlier.

    Without drinking coffee or overloading yourself with hard work.

    Change your occupation, find motivation.

    But the main thing is to go to bed earlier.

    To the bazaar, it works.

  4. Unfortunately, not everyone can always secure the job they love and get enough sleep, but there are ways to make waking up easier 🙂

    There is a simple psychological technique. When you wake up to the alarm clock, you can not open your eyes and do not get up, but try to mentally live the day ahead of you as you would like to spend it. As a rule, we roughly present our plans for the upcoming day. Go through all the events, meetings, and cases in your mind, try to replay them in your mind in the best way possible, and experience the emotions that you would like to experience (for example, in the case of an unpleasant meeting that spoils the mood in the morning and adds unwillingness to get up – replay it in your head, experiencing not anger or irritation, but irony and confidence).

    Such an exercise will allow, firstly, to make the transition from sleep to wakefulness more smoothly, and secondly, to tune in positively for the upcoming day, perhaps to hone some details of the upcoming cases.

    I'm not talking here about things like charging, washing and other things, since the question is about the immediate rise, and not further actions.

    Even easier to get up will help the realization that you have something pleasant to do. Try to plan and prepare it in advance: buy something delicious for breakfast, schedule a more pleasant meeting first thing in the morning, and so on.

  5. My wise grandmother Nadezhda Semyonovna told me the same thing from childhood: “To improve your physical fitness and cheer up your mind in the morning, turn on your favorite music and DANCE!”

    I tried it. You know, the very thing!

  6. If the focus of the question is on easy awakening, then I have an excellent tool, namely the xiaomi mi band fitness tracker. In the past, waking up in the morning was a real pain for me, I often set the alarm five minutes later and eventually woke up…but if I still forced myself to get out of bed, I still felt exhausted and sleepy for half a day. So that's what it's all about. A couple of months ago, I was presented with a miracle bracelet with the function of an intelligent alarm clock, which wakes up 5 minutes before the main alarm clock with a light vibration on the hand, and not a deafening sound of the alarm ringtone. And that saved my sleep. The vibration doesn't bother me at all, and I get the impression that I wake up without an alarm clock. Friends were quite skeptical about this bracelet, but after a while a couple of people also got it and now they are just as happy. Please note that this is not an advertisement at all. It's just that this thing really made it easier for me to get up in the morning.

  7. The first and best thing is to improve the quality of sleep, you need to sleep in the dark, for people who can not do this for a special reason, you can close the window with dark curtains, there should be no external stimuli during sleep, go to bed without caffeine and other invigorating substances, as the temperature should be comfortable and it is advisable to ventilate the room before going to bed. You can also get a comfortable pillow and mattress. Some help pillows with herbs. It is also advisable to go to bed at the same time.�

    If all the conditions are met, sleep becomes a real rest, and I personally wake up every day before the alarm clock with the desire to live and move. Well, a charge for the body and head helps you quickly take the necessary rhythm for work and study.

  8. There are two conditions. First, since the human brain can really rest only during the time interval 23: 00-03: 00, it is at this time that the body needs sleep (otherwise only the body rests, but not the brain. Hence the fatigue).

    Second, it's good if you think about something good that might happen tomorrow before going to bed. Thus, it is possible to program yourself for good emotions in the morning and cheer up.

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