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  1. Leaving out the whole philosophy, there are only three ways to win chess:

    1. Checkmate them.
    2. Cut down the opponent's flag (if you play with a clock).
    3. Force your opponent to give up.
  2. “Chess is different for everyone. For one, it is art, for those who value systematization, logic, and precise analysis, it is probably science, but for the third , it is primarily struggle, excitement, and risk.”

    This quote from Mikhail Tal explains exactly how to win the game of chess. Knowing the rules is only half the battle. When a chess player determines who is in front of him: a Connoisseur, a Strategist or a Libero-then you can change the game paradigm that is familiar to your opponent to leave the game as a winner.

  3. Try to stun your opponent. Put him in a situation where he is completely at a loss for what to do. For example-he is E2-E4, and you put him in Chapaev!

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