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  1. Let's take it in order.

    You go to a tutor, for a lot of money for your budget, but he gives you such knowledge that you do not get fixed at all?

    If this happens, then you need to look for other options!

    In mathematics, to pass the threshold confidently or pass by 50-60 points, you only need to solve the first part.

    How can this be done? Set aside 10 days in which you will complete each task one day at a time. Solve 1-2 tasks on the first day. If it doesn't work out, watch the analysis on youtube or Reshuege. If it doesn't work out that way, then bring the same tasks to your tutor.

    Task after task – you can finally master the math in a couple of months. Everything is real!

    Good luck!

  2. Try to watch free lessons on Youtube, on the topic that is not clear. For example, you can't split fractions, you write to the search engine: adding fractions, you can't solve inequalities, you write: how to solve inequalities. There are many different video tutorials, you can try different ones to watch. Whose style you like, then watch their video tutorials.

    On Wednesdays at 19: 00 I conduct free video lessons on preparing for the Unified State Exam in mathematics. Here is the link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQW7Z7r2CAgyDMDGw-Zt4CQ

  3. Get the exam canceled / sell your soul to the Devil / buy the all-seeing eye from the God of Death / get fat and get a tattoo with spurs all over your body

    There is, of course, another option

    The most difficult one

    Buy textbooks / notebooks on preparation and work hard every day. Solve before school, at school , after school , in transport , at meals , in the bath, while walking, etc.

  4. There is a website-<url> (find it in any search engine).

    First, one of the parents registers, then you register as a student. Choose a class and subject – mathematics. You pay 290 rubles per month and start taking the material online at a convenient time for you. The program is clear and very accessible. In the video, you are explained how to complete the task, then you try to complete it yourself, 1 hint is given, if you have not mastered the material, the program returns you back and explains it again. And so on until you learn the material and complete the task.

    These are the small pieces that take you through the entire course of this class. You can stop at any time, and the program will remember you to start where you left off next time.

    My son was preparing for this program for admission to the cadet Suvorov school, passed mathematics in 1 month without straining. I passed the exam almost perfectly!

  5. Practice, practice, and practice again. All tasks are of the same type, so if you find the strength to solve, say, one option a day (having the opportunity to ask a competent person for an explanation), then sooner or later you will learn not just to solve, but to understand these tasks.

    Although there are two months left before the Unified State Exam, and if you don't understand anything, it's pretty sad.

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