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  1. Enough to make decisions about your life's journey.

    Statistics show that the correct answer is probably in the range of 70% – 80%.

    An objective answer to this question does not exist and cannot exist in principle without the involvement of a scientific diagnostic apparatus, since:

    1. The full capacity of “self” is unknown.

    2. It is not clear what proportion and at what level of this full capacity you know.

    3. There is no rating scale that will determine that such a share belongs to the parameter: excellent, good, mediocre, satisfactory, not satisfactory, bad, I don't know at all.

    So, if you answer from the state of subjective feelings, then my answer will be correct, for an objective assessment, a diagnostic check is needed.

    Please let us know how satisfied you are with this answer?

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  2. I like to analyze any actions and reactions, even my own. So I know myself pretty well.

    Over the years, I learned to treat myself in a philosophical way or something…sometimes I seem to study myself from the outside and mentally reason why I do certain things.

    I know my own shortcomings and advantages, and I also know what problems to work on first. And most importantly, I know how to work on them. And there is a desire.

    So I put aside selfishness quite early and learned that I am not perfect, just like any other person in this world. Accordingly, you need to work on yourself. And for this you need to know yourself well.

  3. “The greatest of all mysteries – – – man!” Can a person know himself? According to Buddhist philosophy, such an opportunity is given to him and a person can know his “I”. When a person comes to know himself, such a person is called ” ENLIGHTENED.” The technique of achieving such a state is covered in the philosophy of Buddhism and everyone can get acquainted with it. But “how well do you know yourself,” is not quite specific. With respect.

  4. This question is not far from rhetoric and the answer to it is always in the language of but: A, does a person know himself in principle???.

    And if he knows what he knows???.

    Perhaps the best question to which I write the shortest comment in recent times.

  5. Uh-huh… Good enough to know your pros and cons at 16. I want to correct my character, because it is not the best example for “imitation”.

  6. As long as I live ( and this is not enough), so much of myself and know.

    Sometimes I suddenly notice the traits of my father or mother, sometimes I am surprised by my spontaneous actions, and sometimes I am upset…

    I think that a person, as long as he lives, learns so much about himself.

  7. A trick question. I don't care about myself, I know what I am, I know that I'm not useful and can't change this world, I'm not a part of it, I just don't care about it.

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