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  1. When we talk about a copy, it is clear that the question is in the worldview of the original.

    There is a place for my copy at the family table and at work, but I have no attachment to my personal bed or other junk, so my clone will not be uncomfortable and will easily fit into reality.

    On the other hand, if a person is attached to a family(wife/children), to junk, fame, etc. then of course the clone will not want to give up (considering them their own) simply because he is a clone, for such a person/clone it will be logical to kill the second one so that he does not take his place/take his place.

  2. First, of course, there will be shock and denial. Then the realization will come that, regardless of who is the clone, who is the original, both exist, both are individuals and both have the right to exist (since it happened). So no more killing.

    Probably, after that, the first desire will be to meet with the original (or clone) and talk. When else will there be such an opportunity to look at yourself from the outside in the literal sense?�

    At the first communication, there will again be a shock. Just like people do when they listen to their voice on a recording for the first time. But it's 10 times stronger, because it's not just the voice, but also the appearance, movements, and gestures.

    At the meeting, everyone will see that he, it turns out, from the outside is not at all what it seems to him “from the inside”. That his gestures are ridiculous, his posture is terrible, his skin is unhealthy, his speech is incomprehensible, his facial expression is stupid, and his habit of scratching his head is disgusting.

    That uncertainty is evident in every movement, and attempts to hide this uncertainty under a fat layer of swagger are ridiculous and can not deceive anyone. Etc., etc.

    Most likely, this meeting will be an invaluable experience for both of them and will give them an opportunity to get to know and love themselves better. Or a second self. I'm already confused

  3. To answer such a question, you should put yourself in the place of this very clone. Well, let's try it. I was cloned, I came out of the test tube. Where will I be raised? Am I the first of my kind? Did you tell me as a child that I was a research project? Too many details are required to put together a complete picture of the worldview of such an individual.

    Let's say this: I was placed in a family where my foster parents raised me until I reached adulthood, and then I found out that I was “just” a clone. Then gentlemen, I think I, like any adequate person, will not be particularly shocked by this. Perhaps, if I am the first such person, it will, on a subconscious level, exclusively for me, of course, give a certain elitism. They say I am the crown of human possibilities, and you, a neighbor, are just another person, unremarkable by and large. I was raised, brought up, I had a social circle “on the street” and so on – the point is that under the influence of all the factors that affect the formation of a person as a person, I stopped being a clone in full understanding. With the” original ” we share an identical DNA, no more. We have different hobbies, different goals in life – in fact, I'm just his double, that's all. So why should I be depressed by the physical resemblance to someone?

    This is one of the options. Perhaps, of course, you meant such an option, where I was taken out of the capsule immediately as an adult and with the memories of the “original”. Perhaps you had in mind the option where I would have spent my entire childhood in a laboratory. So much is possible that an entire article can be written, with proper skill.

  4. Imagine that you have a machine for creating copies of a person. To make a copy, you need to go into the machine and wait for it to scan your body, then get out, stand at the control panel next to it and click the create your copy button. A copy will be created exactly in the same place where you scanned yourself. Now imagine the situation. You enter the machine, wait for it to scan you, then exit it to stand at the control panel, but your clone is already standing there. More precisely, not a clone, but the original, as is clear from the logic. But you don't feel like a copy at all, you just wanted to make one. You now don't have your old life (it didn't really exist, but in your memory that is), friends, relatives, things, places of habitation, this is a good shake-up for the individual, however, if you are not some kind of psychopath, it is unlikely that you will want to kill someone, even a clone, even an original, you understood what you were doing, consciously creating a clone, as the clone now understands it.�

    Well, if it turned out unexpectedly, and you, for example, met your clone at your work or at home, and he claims that you are a clone, and he is the original, or simply wants to take your life, then you can contact law enforcement agencies to find out who is the original and who is not, and legalize everything. Maybe he will, or you will attack him, but it already depends on your psyche. Then again, I, like my clone, would not attack, much less try to kill each other. If he tried, it wouldn't be my clone anymore.

    What I want to convey is that there is nothing easier than to understand the thoughts of a clone with your memories, since he is your clone, he is completely identical to you. What would you do? Would you die or go crazy knowing that you're not the original? I doubt.

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