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  1. Well, how do people live now, knowing that there is evolution? They live the same way. Whether they are atheists or believers, because knowledge of evolution does not prevent them from believing in God.

  2. In exactly the same way, life does not depend on what people think about their origin. And the emergence of these thoughts is historically and logically interrelated: to arrive at the idea of evolution, you need the idea of a deity, and to arrive at the idea of a deity, you need to observe the systematic nature of the laws of nature. For the idea of the “absence of God”, the concept of God must already be developed. You can't say something about the “absence of gaabtydmgizb”: is it there or not? For the answer, you need to understand the meaning.

    Evolution, in the very sense of the word, is a process. That is, it is not the one who creates, but it is the process of creation. There is no way you can replace the reason with just the process name (for example: “the picture is one without an artist, it was created by drawing” or “the branch is one without a baric gradient, it is driven by the wind” , etc.)

  3. Look at the most atheistic countries in the world: the Scandinavian countries, Japan, South Korea, etc. They live normally. I also live normally. I can't even imagine deluding myself with Jewish fairy tales.

  4. I believe that people are alone not only on earth, but also in our entire universe (I can't say anything about other universes). Most people still live believing only in evolution (in the sense of only in science), because everything in the world around us confirms, though not immediately, the correctness of the scientific view of the world. And people would live as if they knew that there is a God. They gave birth, built, loved, fought, killed, protected. As we know, faith in God in no way led humanity to the golden age, but on the contrary (let's recall at least the religious wars that continue to this day and are among the most violent, since the enemy can be spared, the gentile can never). God's morals are well described in the Old Testament, one of the cruelest and darkest books of mankind. That is, without the concept of God, people, as it seems to me, would live no worse. However, I wish all believers and non-believers happiness and health and always respect the choice of the other. With respect.

  5. Here “dog is buried” in the concept of “God”. The questioner probably means a widespread understanding of God as a person. With hands and feet stomach and genital members. I have been living without such a god since I was born, and I do not feel the absence of anything at all (in spiritual terms).

    As for evolution, we can say to some extent that it created us. Only without reference to our planet, and even more so to primates. Figuratively speaking, our bodies are created by a certain class of creators. Our consciousness and intelligence are what is given to us from the highest sources. However, this is not God either. ( my point of view).

    Only one thing can be called God, or one and one. It is the causeless cause of all that is, has been, and will be. It is not light, but the cause of light, it is not love, but the cause of love. It is not the creator, but the cause that created the creators. This is the only thing that can be called God, because this is the only reason for the existence of the universe, including us.

  6. They would have lived very well. No religious wars, crusades, or human sacrifice.

    With the full understanding that their behavior is largely determined by their evolutionary path.

  7. People would be constantly crying and cursing their fate on a day that was unknown in any given year.

    The key word here is “know”. How can you know that? You can have science that will tell you this, but it will also give you TV and the Internet, where they will say so many different things that it is impossible to believe anything. So they live apart, and where the children come from they don't know.

  8. Darwin, in publishing his book, claimed to have understood God's purpose. Faith does not contradict science – they are about different things.

    But the mythology of a particular religion can very well. Christians were opposed to the theory of evolution for an understandable reason: Darwin pointed out that the main driving force of development is death. That it appeared long before man, and not as a result of ” original sin.” Accordingly, the idea of Redemption also became questionable.

  9. somewhere I read that when in one of the major American cities there was some serious problem with electricity and the city was without electricity in the evening, the number of thefts increased significantly. This is a good symbol that shows that human nature is constrained by such factors as light, judgment, law, God, conscience, morality, culture, etc. Remove these barriers and man becomes a beast. By the way, as soon as, according to Nietzsche, God died in the 18th century, man died in the 19th – I mean revolutions, riots, wars? moreover, the world projects that claimed tens or even hundreds of millions of lives, the Nazi project, the Bolshevik project – almost all of them were “evolutionary” projects, that is, those who did not believe in God.

  10. Very few people really care about this issue. It doesn't matter who you are thousands of millions of years ago zabalambesil-practical conclusions for every vital day in general are the same-observe hygiene and sanitation and observe decency. It is impossible to know for certain by definition

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