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  1. I think that I would radically change my attitude to him, although I'm not fat, but I have a couple of extra pounds on my laps.

    Maybe it's my ” cockroaches”, but I'm sure that I would start to limit communication with such a person, although I would understand that this is just his point of view.

    This is all for a person I don't know very well, that is, a classmate, classmate, or just an acquaintance. I don't think it's right at all for such people to speak out about ”whether I'm fat or not.“

    Well, a friend can popihala would be easy and would answer ” that a good person should be a lot”” (IMHO, don't take a negative note if I took it too hard, but it's true).

  2. I would have thanked him. It does not allow me to stand still,because all the people close to me flatter, so as not to offend and make it worse ,because for me to remain fat and be completely sure that everything is good is the most disastrous.

  3. The question is, did I ask him about it or not? If this is a person whose opinion is important to me, and I ask for it myself-the reaction is adequate, because I am ready for any answer.

    If a person expresses an opinion that no one has asked for, I think the first reaction will be bewilderment, and then anything from laughter to insult, depending on what stage my self-esteem is at right now. I say stages, because on certain days of the month, even the most slender girls can seem fat and miserable to themselves 😉

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