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  1. And I live as if there is no death. It doesn't exist. I know for sure that after the end of my earthly life, I will enter the Heavenly Kingdom. Christ is risen, which means that there is no death and cannot be. I know that I will find myself in a world where all my dreams and desires will be fulfilled. There is no death for a Christian. We don't say “death”, we say “Assumption”. That is, a person loyal to Christ managed to get into the Heavenly Kingdom and went to Heaven in faith, but allowed Satan to take his soul to hell.

  2. There are two ways: 1. I always knew this and everyone knew it-the absolute truth. 2. I learned this damn thing yesterday.

    In the first case, I can assume that time would lose its value and it would be replaced by another “gold” called absolute knowledge. Since all people live forever, what will distinguish them from each other if not knowledge. And this knowledge could be accumulated forever, as long as we have enough, and under such conditions we would evolve and we would have enough. You will say that even now knowledge is still “gold”, but now your knowledge has value, as long as you are alive in the first place. Thought is like water, it is fluid, and if you have knowledge, then it needs a channel, at best in your head, at least in others. Therefore, all the same strata of society were formed as now, and their wealth would be determined essentially by the same, at least in some part of it.

    In the second option, this is how to detect the n-amount of money on your bank account, such as the case with a PayPal transfer error(http://www.forbes.ru/news/242250-paypal-po-oshibke-nachislil-amerikantsu-92-kvadrilliona). You wouldn't waste everything in a hurry. The same picture here, I would fulfill the wishes of the person living inside me-the sofa, I was lazy enough. And then everything is like in the first version, only having a huge advantage, namely, access to the Internet. I would know everything, make discoveries, but remain in the shadows. I would have made Batman shorter. Well this is at least)

  3. Life, by the way, is nothing but a continuous struggle with death. They are inseparable, which is the main argument against the afterlife. Yes, and not only the afterlife, about God, too, there are great doubts. What is he struggling with? Usually they are dissuaded by the fact that de he, God, is incomprehensible to us initially, not our mind's business. Only these are excuses, of course. Who else is immortal? Either a jellyfish, or some other rubbish, but it, firstly, also continuously fights (very successfully), And secondly, due to its stupidity, it cannot realize itself, so it does not count. Therefore, you can calm down and answer with a pure soul-we would not live in any way, life without death loses its meaning.

  4. Most people live like this, as if they will never die. Majority. Just look around and you will find the answer to your question.

    If there was no death, people would waste their time on all sorts of nonsense like regretting the past and shame for the actions they did and bemoaning missed opportunities. If life was eternal for us, then it would be possible to spend the remaining time thoughtlessly, wouldn't it

  5. Such a question suggests that we have a desire to live and not die, but another question is in what conditions. No one wants to suffer from poverty, diseases, natural disasters, etc. The Creator of all living things wrote about his plans for man, about how much and in what conditions we should live. We live on the threshold of changes for the better. Here is one of the promises recorded in the Bible: “There will be an abundance of bread on the earth…” (Psalm 72:16). There will be no lack of food, which means there will be no poverty. And since that's the case, there won't be any questions about death. Why you can believe in these promises as loving parents who want the best for their children and do everything in their power to ensure that their children have everything they need. In the same way, the Creator, out of love and justice, can and wants to correct our situation.

  6. I will join what was written above:I wouldn't be in a hurry,which,by the way,I started doing at some point in my life.take your time, enjoy life, watch.if you do something, then gradually, calmly and, apparently for this reason, well.Yet immortality is fatigue, knowledge,and condescension.Events are cyclical, history repeats itself,and people don't change a bit.But there is nature, art,and science-and it is precisely their development that takes time,and it is precisely for this reason that I am so sorry that I am mortal.

  7. Here everyone was so caught up in the” Vkontakte ” philosophy, but the question was not answered.�

    Personally, I wouldn't be in a hurry. Now, while there is death, I am always in a hurry. On the example of people close to others-death comes unexpectedly. This makes me hurry, and rushing severely reduces the quality of actions.�

    I'm a musician. I want to write a cool song, a hit, perhaps for all times and for all peoples, but I'm afraid not to have time to write it, so I'm in a hurry, but it turns out nonsense. I know exactly what I can do, but I don't know when. And if there is no death , I will definitely make this hit, and along the way I will also become an astronaut. I will wait for the day when I will fly to another planet to explore new worlds. Until that day, I would have gone to war. You don't have to die anyway, and being able to fight is my childhood dream.�

    I'll do all the things I wanted to do and I won't be bored. If someone doesn't create flying cars, I will. I'll have time. I won't lose it, and I'll find everything. I won't make babies. What the fuck are they for if there's no death?) I hate kids in general. This is grace – a world without children.�

    I'll make a lot of money. I won't build a huge business… or maybe I will. Not the point. I'll have time to earn some loot!! A lot! And I'll spend it all on inventions. I will improve the technology and learn.

    I won't even be sad. In general, I will think differently and see things and other people. I'm going to be fucking superman.�

    What a mean question you asked, Vasilisa. Now I want there to be no death. But it is there. And it will happen. And I can only manage to write a hit((.

  8. Well, someone is obliged to express a point of view, according to which there is still no death. And let it be me. Having come to this conclusion, I live quite well, I must say. Some time ago, I wrote a text about this. Here it is:

    There is no death. This is the wiring, the way in which fear breeds. There is nothing that can die. We are life. We leave the body. There was life in the body – now it's gone – that's what we used to call death. But this is just as ridiculous as calling the removal of the jacket the death of the jacket. The same thing happens. There was life in the jacket, but now it's gone. No one dies. There is no death. There's nothing to be afraid of.

    Death cults-graves, funerals, all that grief – are bullshit. We feel sorry for ourselves, we always do. Sometimes we feel sorry for others – ” so young, he would still live and live!” “nonsense. He lives, will live forever. But more often we feel sorry for ourselves – “Who did you leave us for”, “how am I without you”. Death is a blow when people die in whom we invested something. You communicate with a person – you give him energy, he accepts what you give, becoming you a little bit himself. And you see yourself in it. And when he dies, you feel like you're dying yourself. Therefore, the most difficult thing is the death of children. They have the most money invested in them.

    The key is to understand that what we share, what we invest in others, all the strength, skills, financial support, sleepless nights, everything we give to others – it's not us. This is a jacket. In the end, we will remove all this, and we will move on. Let's be life.

    I'm not dying. What appears to be dying is not us. Life moves through the universes and universes like water, flowing from place to place. It doesn't end, it doesn't disappear, it doesn't get smaller or bigger. It's just there. This life is God. This life is love. This life is light. This life is us. This life – any living being-is everything. You can't take it away, lock it up, infringe on it, or offend it. It is everywhere, it is everything, it is eternal and infinite.


  9. Boring, not even living, but just existing – absolutely meaninglessly existing. As you know, death is one of the most powerful motivators for action, everyone wants to leave a mark:someone writes giant novels and unravels the meaning of life, someone studies black holes, and someone spends time together with their relatives and devotes themselves entirely to the family(after all, children are our continuation). If we didn't know about death, we would probably live without noticing it(Logic!?), which means we would lose a great motivator for action. Knowledge accumulates, but no one wants to apply it.
    But if we knew about death, but could not die, then:1.) would often fall into depression, which is also not rosy and cloudless. 2.) Technological progress would stop in 10-20 years=>no new generation – no new ideas, and the absence of death would negatively affect the birth rate and even those who were born would still not show enthusiasm, because everywhere oldies do not support changes, and public opinion is no less a motivator than death.

  10. Nothing good and nothing bad. Since primitive times, man has been driven by the fear of death. In fact, only the fear of death has created the picture of the world as it is.

    Moreover, at different stages of human development, the fear of death had a different quality. From the primitive fear of death from hunger, cold, etc., the developed world was transformed to the fear of death of a different order. Fear of untimely death, fear of ugly death, fear of death in poverty, etc., fear of” not your own ” death, etc. Progress is determined by the desire to reduce the factors that bring us closer to death. Science, in fact, also deals with the issue of delaying death. Obviously, what the medicine; chemical industry supplies raw materials �for medicine and any items necessary; physics tries to get closer to the roots of our origin, to the truth, to expand our capabilities within the Earth and them; Economics deals with questions of distribution, i.e. the maintenance of human life, as well as sociology and other social Sciences.�

    All this means that the position on the spiral of development that we now have, we owe to our fear of death. After all, the concepts of comfort and safety, convenience and ease of use are created in order to save us and reduce our time.

    Progress will be significantly slowed down by the onset of sudden immortality. We will face an era of hopeless hedonism and consumption, sharp dynamics of human values. From vice, from risk, a person is protected by his morality, common sense, constant calculation of time from the allotted period.

    In this case, the person will do the same as if you asked them “What would you do if you knew that you would die in a year?”�

    Anything at all. Under the condition of immortality, there is no main commitment, an end point, under the condition of a certain imminent death, there is a close end point, what is the point of following the commitment.

    The value of the moment will disappear, the person will decompose a little emotionally, quite possibly morally.�

    Does loyalty mean a lot to you? Do you want to spend your whole life with one partner?�

    No immortal person can, and later simply won't want to. This means that the value of human intimacy will absolutely disappear.�

    We will all openly consume each other and everything around us. It's like going from a village to a hotel in Turkey, seeing the buffet for the first time, and starting to taste everything from plain rice to a pretentious puke mash.�

    Among the advantages of �(and they are, most likely): the general tension will subside, the general index of human happiness will most likely rise, the branches of human life will be greatly transformed and other goals will begin to pursue (perhaps very good ones), the meaning of bloody wars will disappear, and the acquisition of complete freedom of choice.

    As for me, personally, I will show up at the university less and less often (they will drop out – and all right, my whole life is ahead of me), I will lie down more often, get a good night's sleep, walk and whistle, look at the ceiling, I will grow fat and generally POSTPONE EVERYTHING FOR LATER, BECAUSE I WILL STILL HAVE TIME, FOR SURE. And maybe I will be one of those scientists who will search for the formula of mortality (and believe me, they will definitely do it)

  11. I believe that what happens to a person after death can be designated by the termScientific Samsara. It is much more beautiful than it is artistically described by various religions. One state flows into another and it continues, literally – indefinitely. And all this is due to Physics, and not to the fact that a person goes to church.�

    That is, I already live with the opinion that there is no death. If a person came up to me and said that we are doomed to Death, I would sincerely answer him that we are doomed to Life. You can also be horrified by this, but it is a correctly formulated given. Each time we acquire consciousness in a new form, we are doomed to remain in the same physical world, so the only question of life is how to make this world better, even if only for a drop, for ourselves and for others.

    I have been living with this opinion for quite a long time and I can't say that it depresses me

  12. This is just awful! You can try to look at this situation from the point of view of statistics. 70% of the population, the very 70% who are in poverty and misery, learn that the only factor that equates them with the powerful of this world has simply disappeared. They are doomed to eternal life. DOOMED. After all, you can imagine the archetypal Uncle Vasya, a plumber with beer and football on TV. What is his internal dialogue? What kind of self-development? Only ” my wife [Roskomnadzor], my boss [Roskomnadzor], and everyone else [Roskomnadzor], and I'm D'Artagnan.
    And there are many of them. And they will feel the desire to restore justice, how is it that the bourgeoisie will now live forever? And the slaughter will begin.

  13. It wouldn't be very progressive.If you still consider reincarnation as an option, then after death you are born at the same level at which you left the body.Now you are a human, through life an elf, through life a magician.Otherwise, with eternal life, a snail would be a snail forever.Boring.
    P.S In old age, many people already want to die,the strongest instinct and voila-is erased by fatigue.

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