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  1. I couldn't stand it.�

    Severus is strong enough to take all that pain. Everyone at least once felt unrequited love, this dull pain that eats from the inside out. And he loved forever. He'd always loved Lily. He endured it when he got into another department, endured it when he saw her love James, endured it when he saw her first kiss with him, endured it when she married him, when she had a son with him. I endured it when I realized I'd lost her forever…
    And all this time, every day, he thought only of her. Every day he looked at her son, and every day, eleven years later, he endured the terrible pain of looking into His Lily's eyes again. He was able to stand it and help, no matter what. He's one of the most important characters in Potter, and he only became one because he knew how much he loved him. Look into the eyes of the one who killed your love, moreover, serve him… this is the greatest torture he has ever endured. He's strong, he's a hero to me.�

    I couldn't do that. I would rather put my hands down than endure and feel pain. I would have accepted it and let it consume me.

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