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  1. So do you want to find a hobby, vocation or job?

    First of all, I want to say that vocation, in the sense that somewhere something is predetermined for you and you need to find it , is a harmful myth. Does it prevent people from working if they think ” is this my vocation or not?” The fact is that the vocation is defined as “like/dislike”, and in any job there may be an unpleasant part. And if this unpleasant part is written off as “this is not my vocation”, a person begins to disgust with work, search for a new one. And so on in a cycle, until the new job does not meet the unpleasant part. So, there is no vocation in this sense.

    Try to understand what you are good at or what you want to become. Try it on yourself. Go on a guided tour, see what people really do in this profession, how their day goes. Try on such a day for yourself. Understand the meaning that people put into this work, try it on yourself – whether you like this meaning or not.

    If you don't know who you want to become, read the Atlas of Professions, try it on yourself, get career guidance, and look through vacancies. Try it out. You can't do without samples here. You may have to try several different professions – be prepared for this. Well, maybe stop at the first one.

    A couple of videos about the vocation. In general, I recommend this friend – both video and blog and audio courses (there are free ones).



    His YouTube playlist about work

  2. First, at 19, it's time to stop taking what your mom thinks of you too seriously. I know this may sound blasphemous, but you have no choice but to grow up.

    Secondly,there is no” purpose ” in the global sense. It's more of a religious metaphor. You can't tell from a blood test, DNA test, or fingerprint that your job is to make baskets or treat animals. Usually, people do either what they like or what is available to them. Throughout the history of mankind, young people usually did what their class offered them, without thinking about any purpose. But even now, how much choice do you have? Let's say your goal is to be a major banker or a director of Rosneft… but for some reason they only take it as a cashier in Pyaterochka… Do you understand the logic? Children of rich parents who can afford not to work for years, waiting for the divine spark, can look for a destination. Ordinary young people most often need to live on something and support themselves, so they go to work where they are taken, and not where the “destination”is. Perhaps, until you find something that really suits your spirit, you will have to try several professions and get several educations. If you read the stories of famous people, then this is their path.

  3. If all goes well, you will live another hundred years. And in these hundred years, you can change dozens of classes and try yourself in anything.�

    And it's not really necessary to have a purpose at all.�

    Purpose-this means that you are assigned by someone or something to some goal and must guess and implement this goal.

    I don't have any purpose and I'm not going to find it for myself, I live my life for myself and not for the world, only I set goals for myself.

  4. Hello, Nikita!

    I believe that there is no greater gift that you can give or receive than to find and realize your calling. I understand a vocation as a set of strengths that will help you maximize your effectiveness in life. Very often, people do not know much about their strengths and they remain undisclosed. But almost everyone knows about their weaknesses. Our strengths are primarily what we were given at birth, plus what we received in the process of socialization. To reveal their strengths, to find activities in which they will be effective, this is the realization of a life vocation. There are many ways to find your calling. For example, read this article (it takes a long time to rewrite it here) on my website >>> >>https://olegsukharev.ru/blog/profession.

    I wish you every success in finding and fulfilling your vocation!

  5. Of course, there is no global purpose! But there is a sense of activity for a certain period of time. I'll decipher what that means. Meaning is understood as a required functional role in a particular system. For example, here is a circle, what is its meaning? Unclear. But if this circle is the wheel of a car, then it makes sense-it should spin so that the car goes.
    Now the point in the coming years is to get key basic knowledge for further integration into the socio-economic system (or, more simply, what you will be doing). If you don't know what it is, it doesn't matter. The first is what subjects you currently have a penchant for (if you choose an activity that requires a lot of willpower, you will quickly burn out). If you don't know what you like at all, try to do it in young teams.

  6. You are the Chosen One! Your destiny was predicted a thousand years before you were born, and now that you think about it, it's time. It's time for you, the Chosen One, to know your power and believe in yourself! Only in this way will you be able to complete the great mission assigned to you.

  7. Hello, Nikita.

    If you've already tried different activities, try different areas of creativity, skills, and science. If you still haven't shown any interest.

    Then I can only suggest that you contactTo Alexey.�

    Yes, it will be paid. And I know that the answer (after analysis) will be accurate. I have a lot of experience with this specialist. But whether you can accept and apply this answer will be your choice and your work.

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