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  1. Most parents in childhood traumatize their children without knowing it (psychologically). In the future, there are problems that interfere with the achievement of certain goals, so people visit psychologists and psychotherapists to get rid of psychological trauma.

    There is an opinion in society that only psychos go to psychologists – this is an erroneous opinion, because psychos go to psychiatrists.

    You can read books by Andrey Kurpatov – he writes in a fairly accessible “unscientific” language, and you may find answers to your questions..

  2. Transcripts by Robert Adams. This is free psychotherapy for yourself. Modern People are constantly looking for support and answers outside. He doesn't even know that all the answers are inside him.

    Self-examination is the best exercise.

  3. There are people who are predisposed to self-reflection(turning to themselves to their thoughts, introspection), and others do not have this or are not developed. If you can't set up an internal dialog, you need an external dialog, especially for “soulful” internal questions. This function is performed by psychotherapists.

    This can also be done by relatives or friends, if they have the opportunity to fruitfully talk about “spiritual” topics.

    Help books, YouTube on the subject of self-knowledge, philosophy, self-determination. However, you should be careful, after all, there is work with the worldview and psyche and you can go to the extreme.

  4. I think that's because it's so fashionable right now. Pihologov divorced to a heap. And there is even a market for training sales services of psychologists. Our own technologies, all this is being worked out. That's the whole power of marketing that has fallen on this generation.

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