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  1. You have a goal. Comfort, that is, combining pleasure with control, is the dominant goal of modern civilization. Hedonism+materialism. Another issue is that you do not have enough funds to implement it on the desired scale. We can, of course, advise you to strain yourself and through effort, work on yourself, struggle to get these funds. But the fact is that this goal, having a hedonistic part, in itself does not encourage any excessive tension. It rather dictates to “take everything from life” right here and now, without much effort. Any struggle is essentially contrary to this goal. This condemns huge masses of people to suffering: they want comfort, don't have the means to achieve it, and can't be mobilized to acquire it. And this, in turn, gives rise to a mass movement of social dependency with its demands that the state provide everything for everyone, regardless of their labor contribution to the general welfare. All this turns out to be a colossal theft of distribution captains, that is, high-ranking state and quasi-state officials, and a surrogate life for those very masses. That is, they still get nothing and suffer the same or even more. Even lowering the bar by reducing education, spreading surrogate culture, and so on. it doesn't help.

    What a way out. There is only one way out – to change the goal. But that's easier to say. Our ultimate goals determine our entire being, and to change them, we must break out of ourselves. This is a kind of miracle. The only way to prepare yourself for this miracle in some way is to be interested in various other ways of life that are different from the one you are used to, other systems of values and goal-setting, as well as relevant teachings. And to be interested without prejudice, benevolently, trying to see in them something close for yourself.

  2. The goal is quite normal, well, except that it can be specified.

    Education is not the most important thing, yes, it is important, it may be necessary to break through to the top, but you can achieve success without it – now working specialties are very well received. You can start a business – yes, this is a risk, but those who do not take risks, they do not drink champagne. Well, just be happy for a small salary. You can always get an education in absentia, I know people who go to higher education after the age of 35.

    What should I do? – you just need to be, live – improve your income, make your life more comfortable. Maybe you can find a higher goal for yourself, you can read the existentialists – they are just thinking about the meaning of life

  3. Read books about parenting and you may realize that your true desires have been suppressed by your parents or your environment since childhood. And because of this, you do not know how to listen to yourself and your desires.

  4. If there is no income ,such as an inheritance from a rich aunt, then the situation is hopeless. There are certainly options, but they are either criminal in nature or becoming dependent on someone, which makes life not so comfortable anymore

  5. I'm 23, and I have a certain comfort zone. I also suffered from something like this. Well, let's say there is everything necessary for life, what's next? 100% you need to look for some other interests and move towards something. I, for example, started running. And then a lot of other goals were drawn – to run 10 km, half marathon, marathon)) So, pick a direction, get your ass up, and go for it

  6. Very simple. “Good”, “comfortable”, and “delicious” are just variables. Try assigning them the values that are available now, i.e. by adjusting the value system 🙂

  7. Since the candidate of philosophical Sciences has clearly and accurately described everything,I will make only a small addition.�

    In general, comfort is a relatively slippery word, it tends to change and adapt to each situation. For example, for a person who is in hard labor, comfort is to sleep on a cotton mattress. For the average citizen, a mattress is no longer enough, you want a bed and the wider the better. For a person living in a castle, comfort is something else entirely. That is, I mean that you will never be happy without a goal in life, and guided only by your desires, you will always miss this comfort.�

    I recommend that you sit down and think carefully. After all, you are already 26. After 40 years, we are no longer needed by nature and even harmful. Their offspring have already left that's all they have fulfilled their natural task. Therefore, a little more and you will notice how subcutaneous fat will start to go away, leaving behind wrinkles, muscles will start to get senile, the spine will start to hurt, and the heart will gradually malfunction, etc.this is all laid down at the genetic level. We don't have another life to spare. Our parents also have relatively little left. After their deaths, we will never meet again. You are very lucky to be born an intelligent being, and in general, that you were born (chances are one in a trillion). You are lucky to be born in a relatively prosperous country where there is no war going on right now. So you have to live your life to the fullest. Learning to discover this world. Leave something behind. Try and try. Achieve new victories. The most important victory is a victory over yourself. So don't burn out this one opportunity to live in this wonderful universe. Start with a victory over yourself, set a goal: to change yourself, your approach to life. �Honor and good luck!))

  8. The strongest instinct is the instinct of self-preservation, that is, survival. When a person gets into extreme conditions, everything else goes by the wayside. Hence popular activities like extreme tourism and others. It is also possible to move to another area with a complete change in the social circle.

  9. Talent isn't everything. The main thing is to have a strong ass (ability to work and perseverance). Take any area, absolutely any – if you do something for a long time, hit one point (even the same drawing), then as a result you will become a strong professional and can even overtake talented lazy people at some stage. “Here we have chosen the direction, and we are going! “(c) Kin-Dza-Dza.

  10. This may sound a little silly, but try going into esports or streaming. It's not so difficult and profitable, but people don't understand it. Find your favorite game and just try to get started. For example, fortnite, cs go, rainbow six siege…

  11. Go somewhere that pays well, without making any special demands on your specialty. A waiter in a downtown restaurant, a servant in a large agency. When you get money, you can buy a hobby. If you have a hobby , you will gain experience. If you gain experience , you will have a favorite specialty that will be able to earn money in the future.

    Or trade with China)

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