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  1. Hello. I was very touched by your question, because you answered it yourself. I belong to the category of psychologists who believe that our subconscious mind itself wants to help us, so that we are happy and you can say both the cause and the results at once. Now to the point: because you don't understand why you live, you can't physically experience a state of contentment. How can you check that you are living correctly if you don't have a goal and therefore don't have a reconciliation of what needs to be done to achieve it? We go further: where will the ambition come from if there is no goal, no achievements, respectively, we do not measure success with anything. Right? Well, etc. What to do: Get coaching to identify your core values and needs and create a concrete step-by-step implementation plan. As soon as the goals begin to be achieved, there will be excitement, ambition, and meaning . Thanks for the question. I'm in touch.

  2. Ambition, dreams, and family are not necessarily attributes of happiness.

    You are asking an excellent, very precise question, thank you for coming to it. Many people hide behind the above-mentioned reasons, just so as not to ask themselves the question of the reason for their own existence.

    Look inside yourself – as soon as you figure out who you are, you will get the answer-why. If you have any difficulties, please contact us.

  3. The meaning of life is to transform the world through creativity and love. We must force ourselves to work. You don't have to like your work. If there is no creative experience inside, then there will be no desire or craving for anything. And as for the search for a second half, do not bother, she will find you herself. If it's good for you, of course.

  4. You are a wonderful biorobot for new world order factories, a person who doesn't need anything, has no ambitions, doesn't want anything – it's just a storehouse, it's a gift for any employer. Go find a job if you haven't already found one. In general, to find the meaning of life, you need to read books, a lot of books. Then the meaning will appear on its own – to get to know the world, to get to know yourself, to get to know countries, to skydive, scuba dive, paraglide, etc.

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