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  1. I was once 29 years old. And my mother also demanded that I start a family and get a normal job. And I also couldn't explain to her that this action contradicts most of the commandments of the philosophy of life of an alcoholic, as I was at that moment. But after a long time, I suddenly realized that I was an idiot! I gave up my alcoholic philosophy, found a proper job, got married, and had two sons.

    And now, I read your question and… sorry, I don't want to offend you in any way, I have my own question-WASN'T I SO STUPID AS YOU?

    Don't be offended, get smart and start a family faster. Family and children are the best thing in the world. And to support a family, you need money.

    And your Hakuna Matata is really a kindergarten.

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  2. But does the Hakuna Matata philosophy postulate sitting on the mother's neck? I doubt it very much. To fully plunge into it, you need to go to the jungle and live there, independently getting your own food. If you don't like this scenario, this philosophy is not for you. You see only the top that is attractive to you, without understanding what is meant by all this.

  3. Here, the main thing is not to overdo it in your explanations. Otherwise, your mother will get into your ideas, quit her job, and reject you as a family member. Where will you find food and shelter?

  4. I respect any philosophy, because it is based on the love of wisdom. However, you should at least know the correct spelling of your philosophical direction. Hakuna Matata – (Swahili Hakuna Matata) – a phrase that roughly translates from the Swahili language as “to live without worries”. Cartoon Timon and Pumbaa-the founders of this philosophy ate pasture food and lived in a warm climate without needing shelter or clothing. What is the situation with you? Do you collect worms and bugs, or do you find something more edible in your mom and dad's refrigerator? Who pays for your Internet connection?

    I think your mother is wrong. It's a little early for you to think about your family. But you need to work! At least dig worms. As much as I dug up – so much and ate. Good luck!

  5. I'll explain for your mother: why does she need to hang your family around her neck as well? To make her dreams come true in the good sense of the word, the cuckoo should have been pushed out of the nest long ago.
    And now it's too late to count on the fact that you are a normal person, and the word respect for parents is not an empty word for you. There are 2 solutions -1
    -teach your mother to speak for all your needs and desires: Contesta “hakuna matata para ti tambiĆ©n”
    2. – to pray for you, the poor one.
    The Lord is merciful! It can change your life, but so cool that you don't recognize yourself.

  6. And “Hakuna Matata” (by the way, for some reason I thought that “Hakuna Matata”) is exactly your philosophy? Or are you just so comfortable? Just because you're comfortable with it doesn't mean you have a philosophy of life. Whose philosophy is it, Zulu or Maasai?… Go to them, talk to them, see how these people really live – maybe we don't understand something and take from their philosophy only what we like and are comfortable with? If you don't want to get a job, don't get one. Come up with an alternative way to earn money that suits you. You can become a successful blogger – if it feeds you. You can collect scrap from landfills. The main thing is that there is no conflict with the law. In our city, one guy paints pictures with spray paint in front of the audience, and the other one dances around juggling torches – and both of them have some money. How many guys work part-time as taxi drivers or tutors? So get off your mother's neck, look for a craft that will feed you – and practice your philosophy for health! Only, I think, as soon as you find a business that will really bring you pleasure and money at the same time, this philosophy itself will fall off, like Homo Sapiens ' tail fell off in the process of evolution.

  7. It depends on who finances Hakuna Matatuta . If you are yourself, then in theory you don't need to explain anything – your life, you live it.

    And if the fulfillment of the commandments of this beautiful philosophy is carried out at the expense of interest-free loans from the bank “Parents” under the preferential program “Maaaam, give me money”, then you do not need to explain anything, you need to go and work.

  8. It is worth explaining that you have chosen your path, you are no longer a 10-year-old boy, but a 29-year-old adult with your own views and goals in life. And even if this goal is to live without worries and not worry about anything at all. A quiet peaceful life by its own rules, much better than some kind of cargo that was imposed on you.

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