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  1. Yes, elementary. If all psychological problems were solved in the same way…)

    Your fear is the fear of conflict. Fear of conflict and confrontation is a problem in itself, and it may require long-term therapy to overcome it. But in a situation where it is normal to ask someone to do something for you, you just need to mentally separate the result of what you did from the person doing it.

    That is, when you say “This is not suitable for me”, you are NOT saying ” You are bad, you do not know how (do not want to)”, but ” Look: Your result presented to me does not correspond to your high status and skill at all.”

    In the first case, you seem to be fighting against a person – and we already know that you don't know how to do this, so you lose.

    But in the second case, you seem to be fighting together with the person against the garbage that he vparivaet you ) And against garbage you are not afraid to fight, and even together with someone…

    It works everywhere: both in situations when you are told something, and in situations when they do something…

  2. It's very simple:

    Learn to love yourself. As long as you live in the position of a victim, everything around you will develop exactly so that you would suffer. Change your way of thinking, attitude to yourself, attitude to your parents and the world will turn to you with a new and more positive side.�

    BSM to help

  3. Classic case: self-doubt, low self-esteem. The feeling that everyone around you is stronger than you in every sense, so it's better not to annoy them – they will trample, and if possible, avoid contact altogether.

    Articles and books by pop psychologists on the topic of what it is, where it comes from and how to deal with it are piled up both on the Internet and in paper form. Plus all sorts of trainings, thousands of them.

  4. Start fighting small. Create a funny argument with a friend about a sausage stick and get it back from a friend. Play a role-playing game where your opponent is a salesman, conductor, construction worker, traffic cop, chat in this simulation. Along the way, indicate the feelings that arise and which of them cause discomfort.

    When you have confidence, move into reality. Remember that scoundrels should not respond with impudence – calmly listen and repeat your demand, directing the opponent's logic so that he does not divert the topic.

  5. Hello!

    The situation you describe is solved by improving practical communication and communication skills, managing stress, and controlling personal boundaries. As well as leveling up soft skills and assertiveness skills.

  6. hire someone who will solve all these problems. And if in family life, give this functionality to the other half and live, enjoy life. All possible trainings, only break the psyche, do you need it?

  7. Avoiding conflict is normal. But we must remember that many people are infuriated by timid sheep, and there is no recipe to slide tangentially in this world. People love reasonable naturalness. Try to develop this quality with a set of simple steps. Think about your desires and fulfill one of them every day. Start with some awesome dish that you wanted to try. After a couple of weeks, you can realize more complex wishes: for example, approach a girl you like and invite her to a movie (without focusing on the girl's reaction, the main thing is to try to do what you want). After a month, start occasionally training bounces. But try not to fall into the other extreme, there are also people on the other side. In general, practice and practice again, step by step. The habit of getting pleasure from the realized desires in the future will not allow you to easily give up your own.

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