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  1. Given the fact that you were born in a country like Russia with its Roscosmos, and the lack of research programs (and even more colonization) In the solar system, this is almost impossible.

    But your feeling is familiar to me, and I also want to contribute to humanity and progress. So my advice to you is this:

    1. The first step. The very first and necessary one. It's impossible without it.

    Emigration from Russia.

    To be the first to set foot on Mars, you need to travel to countries where the space industry is already on the verge of being sent. This is of course the USA.

    SpaceX I think in the next 10 years will send the first man to the Red Planet.

    1. The second step is no less important.


    If you go to a regular school, try to finish it with a gold medal if you can't go to the States right now. Next, you will need to study at a higher educational institution. Here is a list of specialties that you will be able to go to Mars with:

    1. Test pilot (from there you can immediately go to NASA and get into a spacesuit)

    2. Enginener.

    3. Medic.

    4. Biologist.

    But, the chance is still low (including due to politics, the United States will not allow the first Russian to set foot on Mars), but do not lose hope,

  2. No, this is not real, since on Mars you are without several formations at the level of specialists that no one needs. To become an expert, you need at least another 15 years of hard training, and during this time people will already visit Mars. Well, plus the body should be developed and accustomed to stressful situations. This is all for nothing – you were born too late.

  3. No, it's unrealistic.

    Because you don't want to be the first person on Mars when you haven't even been able to learn how to use search engines in 15 years.

    Obviously, to become an astronaut, and even more so one who will be chosen to fly to Mars, you need to put a huge amount of effort. So far, you have not even been able to start this work, and already at the start you are waiting for others to do everything for you.

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