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  1. The answer is obvious — go online.
    Create a theme platform. There are plenty of options.
    There may be several topics that will be developed —
    All this is not expensive and efficient.
    I am ready to discuss it individually.

  2. The peculiarity of the “Pi” generation (to which, in principle, I refer myself) is that we see the choice only in the direction: “Where to go next?”.

    This is because the generation of the 60s and 80s was very frightened by the mess of the 90s that happened in their lives, when the lack of movement meant death from hunger, and the basic ideology of the dumbfounded post-Soviet was ” Earn or die!”

    Since then, it has never even occurred to us to ask the question not ” Where to move?”, but ” Should we move at all?”

    The lack of understanding about the direction of movement means that at the moment you do not need to move at all. Take a break. Take a look around. Be patient. Take care of yourself, break the usual patterns. Imagine that you already have everything you want to move towards.

    And after a strategic rethink of the situation, both tactical and operational steps will be found by themselves…

  3. The answer is not as simple as it sounds. Where and how, and even why you should move, only you know. But why this answer does not come is a question. Take a break and do what you like, or what you've never done, and even think about your dreams and desires, how are you doing with them? The answer will come by itself.

    And if it doesn't come, I recommend that you ask for help from specialists in helping professions: psychologists, coaches, and a couple of individual meetings will help you get all the answers out.�

    For a long time, everything was clear to you, the picture of the world was built, now everything has changed, and you need to start over, the beginning is you and the person you want to be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in six months and so on. What is important to you in life? What qualities do you want to show? Start with this, but do not go into introspection, but transfer it to everyday life, and the movement will appear.

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